Attendance System

factoHR’s system is most elaborated and flexible software attendance management in India. It can be linked with any bio-metric device and attendance data flows to payroll software without manual intervention.

No physical paper work

factoHR Attendance system provides facility to employees to do leave application or attendance correction application from their mobile device or from desktop and makes paperless office by eliminating the need for the paper application

Seamless Integration

factoHR attendance system can integrate with any biometric attendance devices and fetch and compute required attendance data for salary process without manual intervention.

Ease of access

An employee can generate leave and attendance report through ESS portal from factoHR attendance system. This will reduce employees query and improve employee engagement.

Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

The Module allows the user to define multiple attendance policies based on their requirement for a different set of employees. Attendance policy allows user to define the half days, paid leaves and the over time related rules.  Different attendance policy can be assigned to the different category of employees or  at individual employee level with WEF date.

Shift & Work Schedule

Company’s requirement of multiple shifts can be easily configured using this module. The system allows a user to create N number of shifts with the specification of shift time, grace time for early going, late coming, lunch, tea or any kind of breaks.
Shift roster can be easily configured on daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis quickly.

Shift & Work Schedule
Bio-Metric Device Integration

Bio-Metric Device Integration

The system can easily integrate with any Bio-Metric machine to capture in-out attendance
punching data. This in-out information is cross-checked against Attendance policy and
shift assigned to respective employee category for preparing attendance data required
for payroll processing. Admin of the HRMS system will have rights for correcting
time-in and time-out data.

Online Attendance Application

An individual employee, using ESS portal, can apply for attendance correction for missing
punch or any other reason. His reporting manager can approve/disapprove the same using
his ESS login. Once approved, the attendance data can be corrected at the same instant.

Online Attendance Application

To integrate payroll with Bio Metric Machine

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