Attendance Management System For Monitoring Workforce’s Schedule

Optimize your organization’s most crucial resource (workforce) with a time and attendance management system that is integrated and automated.
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FactoHR's Attendance Management System

Extensive Shift Management

Manage most of your complex and multiple shift schedules easily with factoHR, which can be assigned to the employees. factoHR’s attendance management system is a solution for organizations to track their employees’ total working hours by recording in and out timestamps. It helps HR to define and enforce a policy that ensures operational efficiency and emphasizes punctuality in its culture.
shift management using attendance software
roaster planning using FactoHR's Attendance system

Roster Planning

Design a roster or rotational shift for your workforce working at different hours around the clock for a smooth functioning environment and errorless planning.

Detailed Attendance Policy Configuration

Design the most suitable and complex schedules for your workforce using every element you need with factoHR’s flexible and extensive attendance policy configuration.
attendance policy configuration in attendance management software
multiple time zone in FactoHR's attendance management platform

Supports Multiple Time Zone

Get endless syncing as per your company’s time zone with factoHR and ensure correct data storage to the cloud.

Grow with the most robust Attendance Management Software

Biometric Machine Integration

Experience real-time integration with all the biometric devices in your organization and let factoHR transfer all the data to the central storage.

OT & Comp Off Application

Let your employees request overtime and comp-off to fulfill their fewer working hours using their access credentials from the ESS portal.

Approval Based On OT & Comp Off Generation

Control the approval structure for overtime and comp-off applications and appoint authorities for different stages for the approval workflow.

Adjustment Of Late Coming Or Early Going Against Leave Balance

With factoHR’s extensive schedule configuration, employees’ late coming and early going hours can automatically be adjusted against their assigned leave balance.

Attendance And Shift-based Incentive Calculation

Offer your employees the benefit of working extra, in addition to their shift hours, and factoHR will calculate the incentive based on the organization’s policy.

Canteen Punch Integration And Deduction

Integrate your canteen biometrics with factoHR and allow your workforce to mark the punches based on which you can deduct the time spent apart from work.

Attendance Management Software Made Flexible

factoHR’s attendance management system is mobile-driven and time-saving that allows the workforce to mark their punches using every manner of time tracking, including biometric, geo-punch, & online punch.


factoHR lets you configure a one-view roster inclusive of all your employees’ schedules to have effective control over the shift management.


factoHR’s connected environment allows seamless data flow between the modules to help HR get along with all the processes within one single platform.

Real-time Syncing

Sync your biometric devices with the APIs that factoHR offers to ensure direct data transfer to the attendance module for further processes.

Extensive Attendance Management System For Better Optimization

As the modern workplace is upgrading, businesses need an all-in-one solution to manage their multiple attendance monitoring requirements. Here’s factoHR’s online payroll solution with employee attendance and leave management to ensure that all the requirements are fulfilled. The employer can keep a tab on employee presence regardless of their locations and methods to punch.

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