Time Attendance System

Why business needs a time attendance system?

How can modern time attendance system help a business to complete their task on time?

We can emphatically say that “time” will happen to your business. So we urge you to create more accurate time and attendance reports through time attendance system as a means to better serve your customers.

Make more money” tops the corporate agenda this year and “Time is money”. But if employees are still clocking in with paper-based time sheets, “stop losing money” should be your first goal. A modern time and attendance software can offer many benefits to the organization.

Let us have a quick view of how some of the modern features of time and attendance system can save your valuable money:

  •  Biometric Integration

Can we use biometric scanning (finger, facial recognition, retina scanning, voice scanning) to speed up the entry and exit of workers? Every company has biometric machine in order to keep employees on time. But these biometric machines are not integrated with payroll software. The reports generated from biometric machines are imported into the payroll software separately.

Time attendance system is the perfect tool that can help employers run their business without wasting money or time. Biometrics can be used to track attendance at the company. What a miracle of atomization where your biometric time and attendance software can be easily integrated with an attendance software to get real-time data for report generation! This is a cost-effective way to get attendance. When an employee leaves the organization, HR just needs to delete data. Adding a new employee is just as easy; simply register their fingerprint immediately without any hassles.

factoHR time attendance system module provides a facility where you can easily integrate your biometric machine with time and attendance. 95% improvement in attendance input accuracy by integrating biometric attendance machine with the factoHR.

  • Attendance Monitoring

Is monitoring of employee’s attendance necessary? It is a very difficult task to keep a track of every employee that walks in the office. For any company, monitoring and control is a feedback mechanism. By monitoring attendance, companies can determine which employees arrive early, on time or consistently late. This type of information helps in strategies related to discipline, re-framing of attendance, job satisfaction by which employee is a suitable match for the company can be known. Employees who arrive to work on time, prepared to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, increases business productivity.

The comprehensive reports generated by an advanced time attendance system can help business growth in two ways. First, your people are your most precious resources. Second, a protected time and attendance system provides an effective prevention against time fraud.

factoHR time attendance system module can help monitor the employee’s attendance that helps track the regularity as well as performance. 80% of daily attendance work-flow is automated by factoHR payroll & HR solution.

  • Leave Management System

If you did a head count around your workplace, how many absences would you notice? Maybe one or two every day? Perhaps a handful each week? When someone misses work, they’re liable to fall behind on their own responsibilities. This can create bottlenecks elsewhere, especially when work groups are waiting on each other.

Reports revealed that co-workers are perceived to be nearly 30% less productive when covering for absent employees. Time and Attendance software mostly allows Employees and managers track and plan absence days such as: sick, vacation, holidays or not paid time. The software can also help get a graph which maintains at least 50% presence of a particular department according to the company policy.

factoHR time attendance system module provides a platform where you can apply for leave, check for leave balance report and view your leave history through our leave management system. 80% of leave work-flow is automated by factoHR payroll & HR solution.

  • Payroll Management or Integration

According to a survey, “86% of our clients shared that it was either important or very important for their time and attendance system to integrate into their payroll system. Without an integrated time and attendance solution, payroll processing can be beyond challenging.

But if you are still generating manual time and attendance, reports may be wrong. Automatic software integration with HR and Payroll systems eliminates the need for redundant manual entry of reports. The information provided through the system is imperative for payroll calculation and avoiding payroll fraud. What a wonder where you can get detailed reports about the number of hours each employee has worked, sick days, absences and work breaks. Such a information can simplify and quicker your payroll process.

factoHR’s time attendance system module is a platform wherein attendance and leave are integrated with a payroll in which process is completed not in days but in hours.

  • Employee shift management

How are you managing different shifts of employees? How many hours did it take to complete the task given by the managers? Managers have to spend all day making schedules. That’s because even the most stable working environment has a flux of individual employee needs.

With a modern time attendance system, employees shift management can be handled effectively. Managers can create “scheduled versus actual” reports to adjust work schedules and direct workforce activities at all times. Managers may configure the system to reduce or eliminate very long shifts, shifts that are scheduled less than twelve hours apart, or other types of work schedules that may cause a poor work to life balance.

factoHR is a modern time attendance system that can help you manage multiple shifts of employees according to branch, department, designation & cost center too.

  • Easy Access to Information

Can you access the information anytime? anywhere? Is it difficult for you to verify your attendance or leave if you are traveling or working from home.

A good time attendance system should feature quick and easy access. If you opt for such a contemporary solution, you’ll get to access the information from any location that has internet connectivity. While cloud storage is convenient, you should also make sure that the program protects your company’s sensitive data in the best possible way.

factoHR Payroll and HR Software is a having a time attendance system module that gives you an easy 24*7 access at any location.

  • Mobile application

Do you have employees that spend too many hours for their work away from the company? Are they completing too few jobs in a day or spending a lot of time on the road? Is this affecting your company’s overall bottom line?

In the modern world, every hand has a smartphone. For employees who have to travel for work faces a problem of attendance. But through a mobile application, this problem can be avoided. It reduces the communication gap. A mobile app can help track the location of an employee through GPS system.

factoHR provides a native mobile application where employees can punch-in and punch-out through app both on android and IOS platform. Employees can also apply for leave and view his leave graph, apply for overtime application, download payslip and income tax statement. 70% of the employee’s queries have been addressed by factoHR mobile app instead of HR department.

factoHR is a modern time attendance system where flexibility matters which means having an engaged workforce is essential to the continuous development and growth of your company. To have a quick glimpse of how you can transform your business through robust time and attendance technology.

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