What is Performance Review Policy?

When done correctly, work reviews can aid employees in understanding their strengths and weaknesses and how they can overcome such weaknesses through training, how their work aligns with the company goals, and what is anticipated from them in their given position. Managers who effectively use these systems can easily recognize high-performing employees, proactively resolve the issues, convey expectations, promote growth and development, and foster employee engagement. Performance Review Policy clears the confusion about the review process, criteria, and cycle.

This policy gives a guide to the employees on the function of the work review and guarantees that the work performed and the employee’s training needs are managed effectively and moderately. With the Performance Review Policy, we aim to provide the individual employees and their manager a chance to review work, content, weight, and volume to look back on what has been achieved during the past year, and depending on it, agree upon future objectives. In this template, you will find an efficient policy of the company. This template is highly configurable and is formed to include companies from various industries. Download this template to have an easy guideline to develop a policy for your company.

Our sample performance review policy will assist you with:

  • The purpose and scope of the policy.
  • Definition of good performance.
  • Provisions regarding rewards.
  • Provisions about the rewards cycle.
  • Provisions about training.
  • Management’s responsibility towards the team’s development
factoHR’s performance review policy sample template helps you in setting an easily configurable and transparent performance measurement procedure.

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