What is Open Door Policy?

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For most organizations, an open-door policy is one that informs the employees that the door is always open for communication and complaints. It is meant to let employees know that they have a way for all issues to be addressed, and they should never feel like they don’t have anyone to turn to. In fact, some companies in their policy specially mention to whom an employee can go with any type of issue.

Open-Door Policy can prove highly crucial in your efforts to hold employee team spirit and reduce employee turnover. In return, employees can feel that they can communicate with the other senior managers and understand how these strategies can impact their individual work. Employers can also benefit from knowing first-hand what’s important to their team.

The policy is typically designed with the intent of creating an environment in which employees feel they are able to express any question or concern without fear. It can also signal to the employees that the company wants to be transparent in its operations. Employers hope to keep employee morale high by ensuring employees’ voices will be heard. Employers also benefit from these policies because it often means the employer will hear of issues before the issues escalate. You’d rather hear from an employee than from a lawyer.

In this policy, you can know:

  • The scope and purpose of this policy.
  • The definition of open policy.
  • The importance of open policy.
  • Provisions regarding the team member’s responsibilities.
  • Provisions regarding the manager’s responsibilities.

Opendoor Policy Sample

“Name of the Company” believes that having an open-door policy in the workplace is valuable and beneficial for any business. Our open door policy describes that a manager/supervisor will attend to all the queries, issues, and suggestions of any employee. This promotes an environment of open communication in the company.


“Name of the Company’s” open-door policy signifies our sincerity to establish clear and flexible communication in the workforce.


This policy is addressed to all employees, managers, senior management, and HR.


Open door policy is the strategic approach that ensures that all the employees are free to ask questions, share suggestions, and file complaints without any bias. This helps the company to enhance communication which allows innovation and growth.

There is always scope for improvement in the company’s ways of working, and allowing employees to be open and frank in communicating their thoughts can help us improve.

Open Door Policy Elements

The employees can, without any hesitation, approach the manager for situations such as:

  • Request counseling.
  • Solve doubts.
  • File a complaint.
  • Report a problem.
  • Request resolution for conflicts.
  • Suggest changes.
  • Converse about personal topics.

Manager’s Responsibility

If you are appointed as a manager, you must listen to your team members. You are advised to make time for crucial issues (like harassment or grievance), concerns, and ideas.

As a manager, your job is to follow through with the relevant improvements. You must keep your word. Avoid doing something different from what you promised. Be transparent. Discuss your thoughts with the team members.

In the case of negative feedback, you must not retaliate. Victimization or retaliation against the team members will not be tolerated.

Seek your superior’s or HR’s advice if you are unsure about how to handle any given situation. Their doors are open for you.


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