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What is Coaching?

Coaching is generally the guidance, advice, and help provided to an individual by the coach for development and to master the performance of a particular task in the workplace context. It is concerned more with helping the other learn to achieve the professional goal rather than just instructing. For instance, the sales manager coaches the newly joined sales executives on how to achieve the targets.


Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching

Why is Coaching employees essential for organizations?

It becomes crucial for organizations to provide proper coaching to employees in order to handle challenges and grow. Giving appropriate coaching will help the employees master the required skills and be ready to take up challenges resulting in the company's growth.

What are the advantages of coaching?

The advantages of coaching employees are:

  • With profound learning, employees' performances improve.
  • Reduced dependency on managers.
  • Increased productivity and employee retention.
  • Improved overall performance of teams.

How are coaching and training different from each other?

Coaching and training are most of the time used interchangeably, in spite of the fact that they differ from each other.

The difference is:

Coaching Training
Foster development and critical thinking Provide new skills
Generally held one-on-one Generally held in groups
For overall development For specific task
Can be unstructured Mostly structured

How can organizations create an effective coaching system?

For organizations to develop an effective coaching system, they need to build trust between the candidate and the coach. The coach should be willing and interested in coaching the candidate and helping them to clear all the obstacles. In addition, the coach should have an action plan and must take regular follow-ups.

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