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Job Rotation

What is Job Rotation?

Job rotation is a process of shifting the employees to different roles within an organization. The rotation is generally made among different roles of the same level and isn’t considered a promotion. It benefits by reducing boredom, improving motivation, and providing an opportunity to learn new skills.

Job rotation is commonly held at banks. For example,

  • The support desk employee is shifted to the cashier's position for 2 months.
  • And the cashier is shifted to the customers' desk.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of job rotation?

Job rotation helps in developing new skills. From this, the employees can create a broader knowledge of different fields. Moreover, as the employees become more aware of the functionalities, the company's growth becomes consistent. The employees become consistent and motivated in their jobs.

How can a company implement job rotation?

Job rotation should be fairly entitled and equally distributed. Here are some of the things to keep in mind while job rotation;

  • Make a list of rotating jobs
  • Decide the duration and frequency of rotation
  • Set specific criteria for changing the employees' role or keeping the employee in the same role
  • Communicate with your employees

How does job rotation impact employees' performance?

The purpose of job rotation is to increase the equality between the employees. The employees become more productive, and the performance of the employees becomes efficient.


How does job rotation impact on an organizational level?

The relation between job rotation and employee performance is quite significant. The skills and knowledge are acquired from the job rotation, which enhances the chances of error detection. Thus, employee performance and organizational growth become consistent.

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