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Explore the options for HR software in Abu Dhabi which could help you streamline your employee engagement.

Best 12 HR Software in Abu Dhabi

A thriving region in the Emirates, Abu Dhabi is a booming business location – with over 25,000 new organisations joining the club in 2024.

This burgeon unavoidably invites intricate HR challenges, from recruitment processes to workforce management. Amidst this growth, employing HR software appears as an incredible solution for businesses. After all, such a tool not only maneuvers the business through the complexities of human resources but also improves operational efficiency.

So, in this article, let us talk about HR software exclusively designed for businesses operating in and around Abu Dhabi.

But first, let’s unfold a few benefits of opting for such solutions in the first place.

Top 12 HR Software In Abu Dhabi For Businesses

Here are 12 of the most premium HR software you can use to streamline your business based in Abu Dhabi;

1. factoHR

One of the best HR software for businesses operating in Abu Dhabi, factoHR is our top recommendation. Trusted by pioneer business organisations, this tool is a one-stop solution for all things human resources.

One of the best HR software for businesses operating in Abu Dhabi, factoHR is our top recommendation. Trusted by pioneer business organisations, this tool is a one-stop solution for all things human resources.

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Here are some of its notable features:


HR Dashboard to give you a bird’s eye view of HR data. Approval Workflow to ensure only validated employee information is entered.
Audit Trail for establishing clear accountability within the team. Document Management to store and manage all essential employee documents on the cloud.
Interactive Chatbot to resolve employee grievances and queries on the go. Real-time Feedback to eliminate pitfalls and increase employee satisfaction.
Make data-driven decisions using Dashboards that provide better analytics. Centralised employee database management with granular access control provides a robust base for your entire HR operations.
factoHR onboarding software helps automate your onboarding process and create a great experience for new joiners. Save HR bandwidth used for completing mundane tasks and refocus the saved time on strategic higher-value tasks by using factoHR’s business process automation.
With pre-defined templates, auto-generate different letters and directly share them with employees via email and notify them. Share crucial documents quickly via the plug-me feature in the mobile app, and inform employees about events using push notifications.
factoHR’s cloud-based HCM software provides an organizational tree that will help you create a clear reporting structure and define career paths. factoHR provides an offboarding module that streamlines the employee exit process and full and final settlement with approval workflows and handover checklists.
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Advantages of Using factoHR

  • This platform offers an interactive and easy-to-navigate user interface with no learning curve.
  • factoHR also offers many other valuable HR solutions besides payroll management, such as recruitment, learning management, etc.
  • It is accurate, secure, and highly adaptable – making it an incredible choice for businesses in any industry.

Now, let’s talk about factoHR’s pricing. This tool offers four diverse pricing plans – Essential, Advance Velocity, Bolster, and Performer. Although these plans come pre-loaded with basic HR features, you can always customise them as per your choice to make them fit your organisation’s unique needs.

2. Bayzat

Bayzat serves as a comprehensive software solution that serves as the ultimate platform for efficient HR management. Its importance lies in its overall approach and its ability to cater to the diverse requirements of businesses in various industries and of different sizes.

The software’s design offers a user-friendly interface that enables HR professionals to handle multiple functions, such as employee onboarding and payroll management, among others. The platform’s adaptability and accessibility make it the preferred option for companies seeking to optimise their HR processes. With an array of effective HR strategies, Bayzat solidifies its position as the foremost HR solution in Abu Dhabi.


  • Smart Benefits Management
  • AI-Driven Insights
  • Integrated Payroll System
  • Performance Tracking Tools
  • Customised HR Reports

3. Paylite

Paylite is an exceptional HR platform that addresses the distinct requirements of businesses. The software’s worth lies in its capacity to adjust to the challenging demands of diverse industries, offering an array of tools that cater to both small and large enterprises.

Central to Paylite’s design is a dedication to simplifying intricate HR processes. The platform presents a user-friendly interface, allowing HR professionals to effortlessly navigate through various functions, ranging from payroll processing to talent management. The software’s adaptability to different devices enhances accessibility and convenience, empowering users to handle HR tasks while on the move efficiently.


  • Customisable Dashboard
  • HR Workflow Automation
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Employee Engagement Tools
  • Compliance Monitoring

4. Gulf HR

Gulf HR is widely recognised for its flexibility and comprehensive methodology, establishing itself as a trusted HR partner that surpasses traditional HR functions. It places equal emphasis on task management and enhancing the overall employee experience.

The implementation of self-employment empowers employees to manage their accounts, leaves, and benefits effectively, cultivating a culture of responsibility and commitment within the workforce. Its exceptional quality and user-centered design position it as a valuable asset for companies, offering a diverse range of tools specifically designed to streamline and simplify numerous aspects of HR management.


  • Sector-Specific Solutions
  • Legal Compliance Checker
  • Seamless Recruitment Tools
  • Performance Analysis
  • Adaptive Reporting

5. Zapiotech

Zapiotech is a comprehensive HR platform that has been specifically developed to meet the distinctive requirements of businesses. With its remarkable flexibility and efficiency, Zapiotech offers a wide range of tools that streamline the HR process while ensuring compliance with local labour laws and regulations.

The software boasts a user-friendly interface that enables HR professionals to effortlessly navigate through tasks ranging from payroll management to talent acquisition. It not only prioritises task management but also enhances the overall employee experience. With its sleek design and simple user interface, Zapiotech is the ideal solution for organisations seeking strategic support in HR management.


  • Localisation Expertise
  • Adaptive Compliance Tools
  • Innovative Talent Search
  • Employee Autonomy Tools
  • Data-Driven Decision Support

6. Truebays

Truebays is a cutting-edge HR software that caters specifically to businesses located in Abu Dhabi and its surrounding areas. With its user-centric design and extensive range of tools, Truebays proves to be an invaluable resource for companies seeking to streamline and enhance their HR management.

Primarily, this software aims to enhance the effectiveness of HR operations within organisations. Its user-friendly interface empowers HR professionals to effortlessly handle a multitude of tasks, including payroll management and talent acquisition. Moreover, its adaptable nature makes it an optimal choice for organisations seeking to optimise their HR processes while adhering to local regulations.


  • Customisable User Interface
  • Efficient Payroll Processing
  • Holistic Talent Management
  • Dynamic Performance Tracking
  • Mobile-Friendly Access

7. Equal

Equal is an invaluable solution for organisations seeking to enhance their HR processes. Its unique selling point (USP) lies in its capacity to meet the rigorous requirements of diverse industries. The platform showcases a user-centric design and an extensive range of tools, rendering it a valuable resource for companies.

It not only promotes seamless work management but also prioritises the enhancement of employee experience. Through its self-service capabilities, Equal empowers employees to effectively manage their accounts, leaves, and benefits, thereby fostering a culture of autonomy and dedication within the workforce.


  • Intuitive User Dashboard
  • Streamlined Payroll Tools
  • Insightful Performance Metrics
  • Mobile-Optimised Platform
  • Customisable Reporting

8. Artify360

Artify360 is a crucial HR solution for organisations, offering a user-friendly interface that enables HR professionals to handle a diverse range of essential HR tasks effortlessly.

The significance of Artify360 stems from its capacity to meet the specific requirements of different industries, with a primary focus on enhancing operational efficiency. This software is specifically tailored for businesses in Abu Dhabi, guaranteeing adherence to local laws and regulations. Additionally, it aids in recruitment and onboarding processes while generating valuable data to facilitate well-informed decision-making.


  • Compliance Navigation
  • User-Centric Experience
  • Efficient Payroll Solutions
  • Innovative Team Collaboration
  • Employee Empowerment Tools

9. ConnectHR

ConnectHR is a cutting-edge HR solution that boasts a user-friendly interface and advanced tools for managing payroll and recruitment. This software guarantees compliance with local regulations, operational efficiency, talent acquisition, and much more.

With its focus on user needs and a comprehensive set of features, ConnectHR is an indispensable tool for companies seeking to streamline their HR management processes. Its capabilities enable HR professionals to handle multiple tasks with ease, ensuring precision, accessibility, and ease of use.


  • Clean, Intuitive Navigation
  • Precision Payroll Systems
  • Innovative Collaboration Tools
  • Tailored Recruitment Tools
  • Custom Data Reporting

10. ZenHR

ZenHR is not just an HR system; It is a well-designed solution to suit Abu Dhabi’s business environments. Targeting traditional tools, its user-centred and versatile design caters to the more minor needs of companies.

This HR system is leading the way in scalable HR solutions. Its intuitive interface is just not user-friendly. It is also strategically designed for accuracy and ease of access. Compliance is not just a box but an unwavering commitment built into this tool’s DNA. In summary, ZenHR’s versatility is not just a mere label, as the software effectively caters to the actual requirements of the workforce.


  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Precise Payroll Oversight
  • Collaborative Synergy
  • Informed Decision Empowerment
  • Data-Driven Analytics

11. Dots HR

Dots HR is another pioneering HR tool designed to address the diverse needs of businesses in Abu Dhabi. This software possesses a deep comprehension of the varied and constantly evolving requirements within different industries. Consequently, it guarantees rigorous adherence to local regulations.

Furthermore, Dots HR offers functionalities that guarantee accurate handling of the financial aspects of HR and recruitment strategies. Its distinctiveness lies in its ability to strike a harmonious balance between understanding and efficiency, rendering it an influential solution for organisations of all kinds.


  • Streamlined Payroll Management
  • Local Law Compliance
  • Innovative Team Tools
  • Strategic Talent Acquisition Solutions
  • Employee Self-Service Portal

12. Beneple

Known for its adaptability, Beneple is a strategic solution for organisations that aims not only for HR efficiency but also for unwavering local compliance. It is an integral part of companies with a user-oriented design and many different tools.

Beneple’s adaptability is more than practical. It creates a robust HR management experience. Moreover, the platform ensures seamless mobility and deep HR management experience across devices.


  • Regulatory Harmony
  • User-Friendly Workflow
  • Dynamic Payroll Tools
  • Tailored Talent Strategies
  • Mobile Task Management

Benefits Of Using HR System

There are many advantages of utilizing the features of the HR system. For instance, some of the most significant ones include;

Enhances Accuracy

HR System not only conducts all HR processes. It also eliminates any scope of human error, thereby increasing accuracy. In doing so, it fosters unbiasedness and encourages data-driven decision-making.

Saves Time

The time efficiency conferred by the HR system is unparalleled. In fact, 69% of HR professionals who use automation in hiring reported that it significantly decreased the time spent on this process.

Cost Efficient

Employing an HR system is a much cheaper alternative than hiring a team of in-house HR experts. Moreover, it also alleviates unnecessary overhead costs and better utilises resources.

Improves Data Management

HR system stores all crucial business data in a central location. This minimises the risk of data loss and improves the overall data management practices of the organisation.


HR solutions can be easily tailored and adapted to the growing needs of an organisation. This makes the task of workforce management swift and hassle-free.

Wrapping Up

Businesses operating in Abu Dhabi are subject to unique laws and regulations, which means they have distinct requirements compared to other locations. As a result, it is crucial for organisations to rely on HR software that is both efficient and compatible.

Within this article, we have compiled a list of the top 12 HR tools that meet these criteria and effectively streamline HR Software in Abu Dhabi for businesses. Don’t delay any further – select the appropriate software and enhance HR efficiency today.


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