15 Best HR Software in Dubai For Top-Notch Human Resource Management

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Best 14 HR Software in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most challenging nations for human resource management. The challenges of managing human resources in Dubai are increasing, including a shortage of local talent, and the need to attract skilled expatriates, and top talent.

This is why finding the best HR software in Dubai has become essential.

What makes having top HR software in Dubai beneficial is rich data insights into different human resource operations. It allows businesses to increase benefits, perks, and employee engagement.

HR software also allows you to automate critical HR operations, leading to efficient human capital management. Increasing pay rise and the need for upskilling are crucial data that Dubai’s best HRMS software can offer. This article mainly focuses on strategies that you can use to improve retention and employee turnover with 15 top HRMS software in Dubai.

15 Best HR Software in Dubai

Dubai has a mixed bag of employees across organizations, with significant contributors being expatriates and local citizens. Ensuring improved HRM across the organization and implementing crucial strategies need feature-rich software.

1. factoHR

factoHR is a mobile-first HR software providing end-to-end human resource management for your organizations. From tracking employee performance, storing critical information, managing leaves, reporting attendance, and managing payrolls, factoHR has it all covered.

What makes factoHR an attractive choice is the mobile-first approach. It comes with an intuitive and interactive interface that is user-friendly. Mobile-based HRMS features from factoHR enable organizations to manage all HR operations and automate tasks.

factoHR is one of the best HR software in Dubai, providing advanced features like cloud-based accessibility, real-time data analytics, and seamless collaborations. It offers a centralized platform to track data, generate reports, and provide comprehensive feedback to employees.

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Simplified hierarchy across the organization with cloud-based HCM software Easy-to-use interface and navigate interface for enhanced HR management
Centralized dashboard with smart analytics and real-time data for better decision-making Advanced payroll management system with salary calculations and timely payment management
Improved onboarding and training through the pre-built checklist Comprehensive documentation ensuring better management of HR operations
Cloud-based storage for storing employee data, reports, and sensitive information Mobile chat feature for enhanced communication between teams


factoHR has multiple plans based on the type of HR management features the organization needs. For example, an essential program from factoHR includes payroll management features and an onboarding management kit if you need core HR functions.

At the same time, if you are looking for advanced payroll features like multilingual payslip generation and loan management, you can choose the Advance Velocity plan. It is essential to compare different pricing plans and choose the best one for your business.

Why Should You Choose factoHR

factoHR offers top HRMS in Dubai, helping businesses automate critical HR operations and tasks for better ROI.

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  • Ability to capture essential data of employees on the go through a mobile app
  • Analytical prowess in tracking and analyzing performance metrics
  • Technical support from the factoHR team 24/7 for your HRMS operations
  • Integration of 360-degree feedback for improved employee retention and turnover.

2. Apploye

Apploye, a leading HCIS provider in Dubai, provides HR, talent, and payroll management. It gives employee attendance and leave tracking for better human resource management. Apploye supports enhanced time tracking for remote teams, custom timesheets, feedback integrations, and employee data management.


  • Timesheet management and scheduling
  • Payroll management
  • Leave management
  • Project and budget management
  • Task management

3. Voyon Folks

Voyon is one of the top HRMS in Dubai that provides an end-to-end set of services, including HR management, talent management, and payroll management. It uses a modular design which allows you to implement essential HR functions in modules based on business requirements. Voyon simplifies your organization’s administrative processes and provides employee self-service capabilities.


  • Talent and acquisition management
  • Workforce management
  • Attendance capture and tracking
  • Payroll management
  • Leave management
  • Employee self-service portal

4. Beneple

Beneple is one of the leading cloud-based HRMS in Dubai that provides several features for managing HR operations efficiently. It allows you to manage leaves, track expiring documents, and centralize the employee database.


  • Paperless documentation
  • Centralized database management
  • Employee file management
  • Offboarding management
  • Leave management

5. GulfHR

Centra HCM is another top HRMS in Dubai that provides automated workflows and process management for your HR operations. It also lets you streamline employee training, recruitment, and payroll management based on business goals.


  • Recruitment process alignment
  • Training management
  • Automated HR workflows
  • Feedback integration mechanism
  • Workforce management

6. DotHR

DotHR is one of the best HR software in Dubai that you can use for modular HR management. It provides a pay-per-module where you only pay for the module you use. DotsHR has a user-friendly interface and automates critical HR operations for your business.


  • Attendance management
  • Payroll calculations
  • Time tracking for each employee
  • Mobile-based HRMS features
  • Training customizations

7. ERPNext

ERPNext is a free and open-source software to manage employee records and automate HR tasks. It provides an open-source software called Frappe HR, which helps businesses from multiple domains manage payroll and human resources.


  • Free to use
  • Simplifies complex HR workflows
  • Helps implement hierarchies in the organization
  • Custom report generation
  • User-friendly UI

8. Elate HRMS

Elate HRMS provides the best ERP-based solution for managing key business processes. It offers an automated HRM system that helps organize employee data, payroll generation, leave approvals, and the creation of reports automatically.


  • Automated HRM mechanism
  • Leave management
  • Payroll generation
  • Employee status report generation

9. Dli-IT HRMS

Dli-IT HRMS is a comprehensive solution for small and medium-sized businesses offering automated HR task management. It allows you to manage HR operations, leveraging the modular approach of the software.


  • Shift management
  • Talent management
  • Learning and development
  • Attendance regularization

10. Sage HRMS

Sage HRMS is a leading HR solutions provider in Dubai with simplified end-to-end human resource systems that make operations seamless. It offers different modules for accounting, payroll calculations, shift scheduling, timesheets, and the recruitment process


  • Simplified end-to-end HR system
  • Core HR and leave management
  • Performance tracking
  • Shift scheduling
  • Recruitment and expenses management

11. ConnectHR

ConnectHR is another leading HRMS that is cloud-based and provides an all-in-one place platform to manage HR operations. You can manage payroll and offer employee self-service, time, and attendance tracking using ConnectHR software.


  • Cloud-based payroll management
  • Insurance claims management
  • Time tracking
  • Employee self-service portals

12. ZenHR

ZenHR is one of the most popular HRMS in Dubai that you can use to track and manage the workforce. It provides a complete understanding of your workforce, skill gap, and capabilities. This allows you to make critical organizational changes and make vital decisions. It also includes payroll management, tax reports, and automated attendance tracking.


  • Workforce management
  • Skills profile management
  • Automated time tracking
  • Leave and vacation request management

13. Bayzat

Bayzat offers comprehensive HR platform experience for businesses with payroll processing capabilities and professional employer organization features. It includes payroll, compensations, leaves, and claims management. The HRMS also facilitates easy-to-understand health insurance policies you can deploy for employee well-being.


  • Payroll processing
  • Claims management
  • Leave management
  • Employee data management

14. Yomly

Yomly is a leading HRMS provider in Dubai that provides customizable solutions. It supports payroll management and comes with a user-friendly experience for HR task management. Yomly also offers management capabilities for employee benefits.


  • Payroll processing and management
  • HR task automation
  • Benefits management
  • Task management

Key HRM Strategies to Enhance Turnover and Retention in Dubai

Human resources encapsulates several aspects, including hiring, onboarding, employee engagement, and tracking performance. Improving human resource management and different elements of HR operations needs strategic approaches.

These approaches include inclusive collaborations, enhanced recruitment practices, a dedicated support system, and improved employee satisfaction.

Enhance collaboration with academic institutions.

A significant challenge for many businesses in Dubai is to attract local talent. However, there is a skill gap that needs to be fixed with practical training to match the industrial standard Identifying the training opportunity and the need for specific skills and creating custom training modules is crucial.

The best HR solution in Dubai can assist in pinpointing essential training needs by employee tracking. You can use this data to plan training modules. Collaborating with academic institutions also becomes seamless by leveraging real-time analytics and messaging features.

Strengthen HR recruitment and management practices.

A pay rise is a significant factor that employees consider when switching jobs and choosing an employee in Dubai. However, tracking such expectations from your employees or recruits can be challenging.

A critical benefit that top HRMS in Dubai can offer is tracking employee expectations through a 360-degree feedback system. Similarly, there are many HR best practices you can follow leveraging software that offers seamless integration of data insights and reports on employee performance.

Provide dedicated support to expatriates.

Expatriates in Dubai make up a large part of the total workforce, which businesses leverage to scale operations. This is why your HR policy needs dedicated support for such employees.

Devising such a policy requires data on how expatriates work, their preferences, performance, skill gaps, and perks. Top HR software in Dubai helps you with vital information on how employees perform and their expectations about the organization’s benefits.

Enhance employee satisfaction.

Employee satisfaction and societal well-being are crucial for any business to grow. The best HR software in Dubai can help you improve employee satisfaction through data-driven insights on how employees perform, improve, and grow. With customized reporting and employee tracking, you can increase the opportunities to grow, improving their satisfaction.


With increasing competition in the market, every organization is looking to attract more talent and retain skilled professionals. You need crucial insights, especially in a Dubai region where most candidates look to switch companies due to higher pay and benefits.

This is where you can leverage the best HR software in Dubai from the above list and improve employee turnover and retention, simplifying HR operations.


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