Best 10 HR Software in Qatar

Explore the best HR Software in Qatar that addresses your needs and requirements to streamline HR operations

Best 10 HR Software in Qatar

Human Resources (HR) is vital for organisational efficiency, and so demands sheer precision in its functions. This is why, to enhance accuracy and streamline processes, businesses are gradually opting for HR solutions.

HR Software is designed to streamline HR processes by consolidating data, automating repetitive tasks, and providing valuable analytics. These tools play a vital role in aligning HR strategies with business objectives, making them essential for optimising operations and cultivating a dynamic and efficient work environment.

In light of this, let’s explore ten exceptional HR solutions that are readily available for businesses in Qatar. Additionally, we will delve into the criteria for selecting an HR solution that is both efficient and robust.

List of 10 Best HR Software Available In Qatar

Looking for robust HR software for your business in Qatar? Here, read below as we enlist 10 of the best ones;

1. factoHR

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Attendance Management System to accurately track attendance and leaves. Approval Workflow to ensure no crucial employee data gets altered without your knowledge.
Business Process Automation to create automated multilevel workflows and eliminate any chances of redundancy. Document Management to effortlessly store and manage every single employee document on the cloud.
Asset Management to maintain a neat record of all organisational assets assigned to each employee. Report Scheduler to automate the process of sending periodical reports in various formats.
Salary Management to streamline different aspects of payroll in a jiffy. Real-Time Feedback to collect crucial feedback and enhance workplace transparency.
Make data-driven decisions using Dashboards that provide better analytics. Centralised employee database management with granular access control acts as a robust powerhouse for your entire HR operations.
Automate your onboarding process and create a great experience for new joiners. factoHR onboarding software helps to do just that. factoHR’s business process automation allows you to create multilevel workflows to automate lower-level repetitive tasks.
Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and drafting letters every time using pre-defined templates. Effortlessly share crucial documents via the plug-me feature in the mobile app, and inform employees about events using push notifications.

Advantages of Using factoHR

Comprehensive HR Management

From payroll to employee performance, factoHR covers all aspects of HR management and provides a holistic approach to managing all employee data.

Enhanced Productivity

By automating routine tasks, factoHR frees up HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives.


Whatever the size of your organisation, factoHR offers the right amount of customisation.

Saves Time and Effort

Streamlined processes reduce manual work, improving efficiency and reducing errors. This will allow you to focus on data-driven reports rather than the manual work that often results in human errors.

Employee Engagement

Employee self-service portal and performance appraisal tools allow for independent, flexible access to benefits and documents.

Data Security

You can safely store and manage sensitive employee data for the long term without worrying about any breaches when it comes to privacy and confidentiality.

Real-time Insights

Access data-driven insights for better decision-making and strategic planning.

factoHR’s pricing is also pretty straightforward. With four comprehensive plans – Essential, Advance Velocity, Bolster, and Performer – this software swiftly accommodates the needs of businesses of different sizes. Moreover, you can also add/remove features at your ease to customize these plans.

Cut Costs, Not Corners

Elevate your business’s operational skills without sacrificing quality. With factoHR’s value for money offerings, you can streamline your core HR while maintaining excellence in every aspect of your company’s performance. Read More

Look for these unmatch features we provide:

  • Manage Attendance and Payroll for multiple legal entities with a single account. Our software is designed to align with your fastest growing needs.

  • Flawlessly manage employees’ multiple shifts, shift roaster and shift rotation.

  • Enhance your business operations with factoHR’s dedicated support through calls, emails, or chat.

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Attendance and Payroll for Multiple Entities


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Yomly is a high-tech HR system made to fit the specific needs of businesses. Its special features handle the complexities of human resources management and follow the local rules. Yomly keeps all employee info in one place, making it easy to update records and track their details. This software simplifies hiring, from posting jobs to managing interviews, and is a necessary tool for HR departments.


  • Employee Data Management
  • Localisation and Compliance
  • Payroll Processing
  • Benefits Administration
  • Mobile Accessibility

3. Apploye

Apploye is a versatile software solution designed to enhance workforce efficiency by providing capabilities for time-tracking and performance monitoring. It adapts to the evolving needs of modern workplaces, especially those with remote or flexible work arrangements.

Apploye empowers users with robust time-tracking features, allowing them to accurately record their working hours. This functionality is particularly valuable for remote teams and freelancers. Additionally, Apploye’s features for task and project management support task assignment, deadline setting, and progress monitoring. Moreover, the software seamlessly integrates with various third-party tools and applications, augmenting its overall functionality and facilitating a smooth workflow.


  • Time Tracking
  • Screenshots and Activity Levels
  • Productivity Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking
  • Leave and Attendance Management

4. Humantiz

Humantiz is a reputable HR software in Qatar that specializes in human capital management. It is a cutting-edge HR solution that aims to transform the way organizations manage their human resources. With Humantiz, you can manage employee information in one centralized platform, which ensures that data is up-to-date and accurate.

Its payroll management automates payroll calculations, tax deductions, and other financial calculations. Additionally, Humantiz recognises the significance of mobility and offers mobile accessibility, allowing HR professionals and employees to access essential HR features anytime, anywhere. It promotes flexibility in workforce management.


  • Employee Management
  • Shift Management
  • Loan and Advance Management
  • Asset and Claims Management
  • Traffic Fine Management

5. BizHRS

BizHRS is an all-encompassing HR solution crafted specifically to meet the distinct needs of businesses. Prioritizing efficiency and a user-friendly design, it simplifies every aspect of human resource management.

The user-friendly design includes an intuitive database management system that allows HR professionals to effortlessly navigate and update employee records. It also integrates a sophisticated attendance tracking system for precise monitoring of employee attendance. This feature offers real-time updates and customizable reporting options to streamline workforce management. Moreover, the automated payroll processing feature removes the necessity for manual calculations and guarantees accurate payroll disbursement.


  • Cloud-Based Payroll Processing
  • Statutory Compliance and Filing
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Multi-Currency Capability
  • Integration Capabilities

6. FactsHCM

At number 6 on our list is FactsHCM, a complete HR and payroll software from Dubai. It focuses on following rules, being efficient, and easy for users. The software keeps HR documents safe, making it simple for HR professionals to store, find, and handle them.

FactsHCM also makes sure payroll is done right and on time, handling tricky calculations and following Dubai’s rules. It works well with other business systems, making it easy to manage everything together.


  • Payroll and Compensation Management
  • Talent Management
  • Manpower Budgeting
  • Attendance Machine Integrations
  • Mobile First Web Application

7. Peniel Tech

Peniel Tech is a highly flexible HR solution designed to meet diverse business needs. It’s an advanced HR management tool with tailored features specifically suited for businesses.

Peniel Tech allows businesses to efficiently manage the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding. This comprehensive approach makes it easy for HR professionals to oversee every aspect of an employee’s journey. Suitable for businesses with a global presence, the software also supports HR management across different geographical locations. Additionally, it provides features such as skills and competency tracking, employee engagement tools, and precise data-driven HR analytics.


  • Recruitment and Payroll Processing
  • Performance Management
  • Transfers Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Travel and Expenses Update

8. CorporateStack

CorporateStack is introduced as a complete business management solution featuring integrated HR modules. Customized to meet the changing needs of organizations in Qatar, CorporateStack emphasizes integration, scalability, and a unified approach to HR and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Performance management is made easy by CorporateStack, which sets and monitors employee performance goals. Using this tool allows HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives by automating repetitive HR tasks and reducing manual work. CorporateStack ensures mobile accessibility and seamless integration of HR functions, ensuring adaptability and effective change management.


  • Time, Attendance, and Leave Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Documents and Renewals
  • Interactive Charts and Dashboards


DLI-IT aims to provide an impeccable HR management experience by focusing on innovation and flexibility. Its tailored solution is specifically designed to meet the unique business environment of Qatar, placing a strong emphasis on innovation, compliance, and employee development.

DLI-IT simplifies the onboarding process, covering document submission, training, and orientation. It makes managing employee leave requests easy and ensures accurate attendance tracking, making it simple to keep an eye on attendance records. DLI-IT’s customizable reporting feature allows you to generate comprehensive reports on various HR metrics, and its built-in compliance features ensure adherence to local labor laws.


  • Recruitment Management
  • Onboarding and Task Management
  • Time and Attendance Tracking
  • Project Timesheet
  • Employee Self-Service

10. Voyon Folks

Finally, securing the #10 spot on our list is Voyon Folks. When you integrate this software into your HR setup, you’re bringing in a user-friendly solution that emphasizes efficiency and adaptability. This creates a positive experience for both HR professionals and employees.

Voyon Folks ensures that employee records are well-organized and up-to-date, providing a centralized database for HR experts. Its automated system simplifies payroll processing, ensuring precision and compliance with regulations. Additionally, its training and development resources empower HR professionals to effectively plan, execute, and monitor employee training initiatives. Voyon Folks also smoothly integrates with third-party systems and offers mobile accessibility.


  • Talent Acquisition
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Performance Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Employee Self Service

How To Choose An Efficient HR Software In Qatar?

Selecting an HR solution that’s worth every penny requires vigilant inspection of a few key factors. For instance;


Every organisation has different needs. So, when it comes to features, the “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t always work. Thus, assess the needs of your team and then go for software whose features align with them.


Before opting for an HR solution, bear this in mind – your team would be using it regularly. So, you don’t want to get stuck with a tool that’s difficult to navigate and offers a severely technical user interface.


If you are a budding organisation that’s always onboarding, find an HR tool that presents no challenge in adapting to your changing needs. This will ensure smoother workflow and streamlined processes.

Mobile Accessibility

Generally, HR solutions are web-based. But that could be restrictive, as more than 40% of online adults are multi-device users. So, go for software that offers on-the-go, feasible mobile accessibility.


To elevate the efficiency of your HR systems, make sure the software you get allows powerful third-party integrations. This makes it relatively easier to accommodate new functionalities.


For a business to operate profitably, it’s essential that its HRM is solid. However, in the absence of technology, ensuring this could be difficult. This is why it’s always ideal to trust the management of such optimal business functions with equally efficient software.

In this article, we curated a list of 10 highly-rated HR software in Qatar. So don’t wait – if you run a business in Qatar, choose any of these tools and enhance the HR efficiency of your organisation.


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