Minimum Wages in Chandigarh

Minimum Wages in Chandigarh

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The Chandigarh government recently announced a revision to minimum wages for various types of laborers across the state as per their skill level. The minimum wages in Chandigarh are reviewed and revised periodically, and It works like a safeguard ensuring fair compensation for employed individuals.

This blog post aims to explain the details of this revision, including the effective date, the rationale behind the increase, and how the proposed increase will impact the various categories of workers.

Key Components

Cost of Living Index (CLI) Increase

The Labour Bureau in Shimla reported a significant rise in the Cost of Living Index (CLI) for Chandigarh between April and September 2022 compared to the previous quarter ending March 2022. The rise reflects a hike in the cost of essential goods and services within the city.

Minimum Wage Hike

Based on the established formula, the government increased monthly minimum wages for all employee categories by ₹728. The increment is made to maintain the worker’s purchasing power to keep up with the living cost.

Zonal Classification

Chandigarh currently uses a two-zone system (Zone I: Urban, Zone II: Rural) with different minimum wage rates for each zone.

Data and Calculations

  • The average CLI for the period April-September 2022 was 1,968 points, compared to 1,864 points for the March 2022 quarter. This represents an increase of 104 points.
  • The established formula dictates a ₹7 increase in minimum wages for every point rise in the CLI.
  • The provided data table briefly outlines the various employee categories from Unskilled to Highly skilled and from various classes covered under the minimum wage revision.


This increase in minimum wages in Chandigarh will benefit various categories of workers, helping them cope with the rising cost of living and sustain their living standards. However, it must be noted that: The actual increase will vary among different categories of workers based on the existing minimum wage rate. On the other hand, employers may have no choice but to adjust their operational costs to accommodate the implemented wage hike.

Chandigarh Minimum Wages for Different Skill Levels

Sr No. Category of Employees Daily Rates (Old) Monthly Rates (Old) Daily Rates (New) Monthly Rates (New)
1 Unskilled ₹458 ₹11,895 ₹486 ₹12,623
2 Semi Skilled II ₹463 ₹12,045 ₹491 ₹12,773
3 Semi Skilled I ₹467 ₹12,145 ₹495 ₹12,873
4 Skilled II ₹475 ₹12,345 ₹503 ₹13,073
5 Skilled I ₹483 ₹12,570 ₹511 ₹13,298
6 Highly Skilled ₹499 ₹12,970 ₹527 ₹13,698
7 Class III (Staff) ₹468 ₹12,170 ₹496 ₹12,898
8 Class II (Staff) ₹474 ₹12,320 ₹502 ₹13,048
9 Class I (Staff) ₹488 ₹12,680 ₹516 ₹13,408

Minimum Wages in Chandigarh for Hotel and Restaurant

Sr No. Category of Employees Without Food & Lodging With Food & Lodging For Food & Lodging
1 Unskilled ₹12,623 ₹10,820 ₹1,803
2 Semi Skilled II ₹12,773 ₹10,948 ₹1,825
3 Semi Skilled I ₹12,873 ₹11,034 ₹1,839
4 Skilled II ₹13,073 ₹11,205 ₹1,868
5 Skilled I ₹13,298 ₹11,398 ₹1,900
6 Highly Skilled ₹13,698 ₹11,741 ₹1,957
7 Class III (Staff) ₹12,898 ₹11,055 ₹1,843
8 Class II (Staff) ₹13,048 ₹11,184 ₹1,864
9 Class I (Staff) ₹13,408 ₹11,493 ₹1,915



The Chandigarh government’s recent minimum wage revision, effective on October 1, 2022, the revision provides crucial aid to employees and their families in the face of inflation. However, employers may need to adjust operating costs. Ongoing evaluation and adjustment are essential to monitor the long-term effects on both employees and businesses. The goal is to maintain a fair and sustainable marketplace that considers economic changes and ensures the well-being of all.

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