Why do you need a Working From Home policy?

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Working from home policy wasn’t so familiar an option before until the workplace contamination situation came. It states the employees the guidelines of what to consider while opting for work from home solution. While providing employees with a flexible option to do their tasks, they also need to take care that productivity is maintained equally. The employees working from home must keep the data and business information secure.

The IT department can make sure to keep cybersecurity or tracking software to keep a tab on the work done by the employees. It becomes a perfect example to provide employees the flexibility of working and tracking their work to enhance the company’s profitability. Employees can also continue their work in the situation of ill health, family trouble, and maternity period. It has now become the new normal situation for the working culture of the company. Moreover, this also helps the employee manage work-life balance, get in touch with new technologies, bifurcate family and work, and time management.

This policy enables you to understand:

  • Sample work from home policy and design its purpose, scope, and guidelines to the employees.
  • The measurements to be taken to keep the employees’ productivity prolonged.
  • Mention about ensuring data confidentiality by employees as a part of the policy.
  • Criteria for the situation under which an employee asks for work at home.
  • How to keep the communication with the employee and between the employees alive from home.
  • The advantages of providing flexibility to employees for their job.

Working From Home Policy Template Sample

‘Name of the Company’ appreciate the need and benefit of employees working from home or telecommuting. By providing work from home options, the company believes that it is suitable and flexible for employees to continue the job from their homes under the situation of infection spread and surface contamination or just getting a change of environment.

‘Name of the Company’ believes that employees are its most prominent and valuable asset, and their health should be taken care of during their employment period.


The work from home policy serves as guidelines to develop measures for providing employees with work from home, which can be beneficial to them when needed. The work from home option depends on the nature and flexibility of the job for a particular employee. Not every job type can be continued from home. The company actively believes in providing work from home criteria in the situation of severe epidemic spread to protect the health of its employees. We do not consider working from home as an entitlement or the ‘Name of the Company’ benefit. Permitted for work from home will not change the terms and conditions of the job responsibility.


The work from home policy applies to every employee regardless of their position and, most importantly, whose work nature allows them to do so.


Working from the home option provided to the employees is temporary. An employee can ask for permission to feel a change in the environment by working from home for some time.

While working from home, the company ensures to keep communication with the employees to maintain productivity.

The manager of the respective employee who opts for work from home must immediately hand over the planning of work to be done in the upcoming days.

The employee taking work from home must ensure:

  • A silent workplace which is away from any distraction
  • To have good internet connectivity
  • To follow the regulations of taking a break as discussed by the respective authority
  • To give full attentivity to the work
  • That the schedules of the teammates overlap to complete the job effectively

To fulfill the requirements of the policy, the employee must abide by to ensure:

  • Job and business confidentiality
  • Employment ethics
  • Proper use of cybersecurity requirements
  • Protection of company data

The company will only allow the employee to work from home if the song falls under the following category:

  • If the health of the employee doesn’t allow to come to the office
  • Severe epidemic outbreak
  • If the employee wants to visit family or friends outstate, in such a case, the employee is only permitted for a maximum of (days/week) per year.
  • If the employee is a new parent
  • Maternity leave.


The employees must ensure to be available on the phone and emails throughout the regular office timings. The employee should attend all the important meetings and training programs, if any.

Asset Management

On the request of employees, employers can provide them with all the required assets to continue their work while being at home also. The IT department must ensure to keep all the software installed and make other cybersecurity administration requirements up to date.

While the company provides assets, employees must ensure:

  • Keep the assets protected and safe
  • Not to download software from sites unless asking for permission to do so.
  • Keep the data security and cybersecurity up to date.

The company can ask the employees to return the assets before the (day) of returning from working from home.


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