Professional Tax in Telangana

Any business in India must know about professional tax computation for better compliance. However, it differs from state to state.

In this blog, we will discuss Telangana’s major constituents of professional tax. Professional tax includes payment eligibility, various tax brackets, and the procedures for paying taxes to the state department.

We will also cover complying requirements and penalties for violating guidelines. Our guide is intended to provide a detailed overview of professional tax, thus helping HR professionals fulfill their tax compliance obligations accurately and promptly.

Professional Tax Applicability in Telangana

Under the Telangana Professional Tax Act, 1987, all earning individuals, including salaried, self-employed, and professionals, are subject to professional tax in Telangana. This tax obligation extends to many workers, underscoring the state’s commitment to equitable tax distribution.

For salaried individuals, the responsibility of tax deduction falls on employers, who then remit it to the state government. Self-employed persons, however, must directly deposit their tax dues, adhering to the stipulated slab rates.

The professional tax rates are graduated, reflecting that one’s tax contribution should correspond with one’s income level.

Higher-income brackets contribute more to the state tax, making the system fair. This system is intended not only to generate revenue but also to give workers in Telangana a sense of civic responsibility.

Exemptions are one of the important components of the progressive tax system. The table below outlines those exempt from professional tax in Telangana:

Sr No. Exemption Category Criteria
1 Individuals With Disabilities
2 Senior Citizens Above 65 Years
3 Parents of a Mentally Challenged Child
4 Badli Workers in the Textile Industry
5 Women Under Specific Government Schemes Associated with Mahila Pradhan Kshetriya Bachat Yojna or Small Savings
6 Military Personnel Serving in the Army, Air Force, or Navy

This detailed consideration ensures that while the tax base is broad, it remains sensitive to individual circumstances, striking a balance between revenue needs and social equity.

Professional Tax Slab Rates in Telangana

Understanding the professional tax in Telangana slab rates is crucial for both employers and employees. The state mandates different rates based on monthly salary income and professional tenure. Employees’ tax rate is tiered according to their earnings, ensuring fairness across all income levels. This structure reflects the state’s commitment to a progressive taxation system, where the tax burden aligns with the individual’s ability to pay.

Telangana employs a tenure-based tax rate for specific professions, such as Chartered Accountants, engineers, and medical practitioners. This acknowledges the varying financial realities professionals face over their careers. Below is a table summarising the professional tax slab rates in Telangana:

Sr No. Monthly Income/Profession Tenure Professional Tax Levied
1 Up to ₹15,000 Nil
2 From ₹15,000 to ₹20,000 ₹150 per Month
3 Above ₹20,000 ₹200 per Month
4 Profession Tenure up to 5 Years Nil
5 Profession Tenure of More Than 5 Years ₹2,500 per Annum

Telangana Professional Tax Payment Due Date

Paying professional tax in Telangana online simplifies compliance for businesses and professionals alike. The process is user-friendly and designed to ensure timely and efficient tax submissions. Initially, users must navigate to the Telangana Commercial Taxes Department website.

There, the ‘e-Registration’ option guides you through the necessary steps for new registrations or payments. Selecting ‘PT Registration’ leads to the ‘e-payment’ section, where the tax type and pertinent details are to be provided.

Verification of details is crucial before proceeding to payment. The final step involves choosing a payment method, with options like net banking facilitating the transaction.

Below is a table of the documents required for professional tax registration in Telangana:

Sr No. Document Requirement
1 Memorandum of Association
2 Articles of Association
3 PAN Card
4 Aadhar Card
5 Lease Agreement
6 Employer Address Proof and ID Proof With Photos
7 Board Resolution for Authorized Signatory
8 Number of Directors and Their Details Including Photos and Residence Proof
9 Number of Employees and Their Details
10 Bank Details With a Canceled Cheque
11 Proof of Business Location Sale Deed/Rental Agreement/Lease Deed/NOC

This comprehensive document checklist ensures a smooth registration process for professional tax in Telangana, aiding employers and self-employed professionals in their compliance efforts.

Compliance and Penalties for Non-payment

To avoid fines, it is imperative to ensure compliance with Telangana’s professional tax laws. The tenth of each month is when taxes are due. Penalties for missing this deadline range from 25% to 50% of the total amount owed. This substantial fine emphasizes how crucial it is to pay taxes on time in order to avoid financial consequences.

Strict adherence to payment deadlines maintains compliance and guarantees that professionals and businesses continue to operate in accordance with state regulations.


In Telangana, professional tax is significant for both HR departments and professionals. The efficient operation of organizations is contingent upon an understanding of tax slab rates, payment procedures, compliance specifics, and potential penalties. This comprehension guarantees accurate financial projections and promotes the timely payment of taxes. To maintain compliance, it is essential for the firms to stay up to date on any changes to the tax code.


Who Must Pay Professional Tax in Telangana?

All individuals employed in various sectors, including government and private, as well as self-employed persons and professionals like doctors and engineers, must pay professional tax.

What Are the Slab Rates for Professional Tax in Telangana?

The professional tax slab rates in Telangana start at Rs 150 for monthly incomes between Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000 and Rs 200 for monthly incomes above Rs 20,000.

How Can I Pay My Professional Tax Online in Telangana?

Professional tax can be paid online via the Telangana Commercial Taxes Department website by selecting ‘e-payment’ under the ‘e-Registration’ option and following the prompts.

What Happens if I Don’t Pay Professional Tax on Time?

Failing to pay professional tax by the due date results in a penalty ranging from 25% to 50% of the amount due, increasing the financial burden.

Are There Any Exemptions From Paying Professional Tax in Telangana?

Yes, exemptions are available for senior citizens over 65, individuals with disabilities, parents of mentally challenged children, certain military personnel, and others under specific conditions.

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