How to Write a Response to an Employees Resignation Letter

how to write a response to an employees resignation letter

It is a critical subject for the employee and the organisation when an employee decides to leave the company. As a good employer, you must professionally recognise and respond to resignation letters from your employees. Your response will demonstrate the ideals of your company and set the tone for how employees will leave and how they will interact in the future. While composing resignation acceptance letters for employees, it is essential to express gratitude to the employees for their contribution.

We will address the importance of write a response to an employee’s resignation letter and demonstrate the steps to follow while writing responding to employees’ resignation letters that preserve a positive working relationship with the departing employee. For your reference, we have also included some samples.

Importance of Write a Response to an Employee Resignation Letter

Replying to the resignation letter of employees is a crucial step in the process of offboarding and can bring several benefits for both the employee departing and the organization. Below are some of the reasons why timely replying to resignation letters is important:


Timely acknowledging and replying to the resignation letter demonstrates your professionalism as an employer. Employees will have a feeling that their decision is being respected and the organization values them.


In replying to the resignation letter, the employer acknowledges the employee’s intent to resign. It brings clarity and ensures that there are no misunderstandings between both parties regarding the departure.


Responding to a resignation letter can serve as an official record of the communication between the organization and the employee. This works as a future reference in case of any legal matters or misunderstandings.

Employers Reputation

Employers’ reputations in the eyes of current and former employees will be impacted by the way they handle the resignation process and respond to it. Responding professionally and promptly to the resignation letter will result in positive employee relations and help build a good employer brand.

Steps to Follow While Responding to Resignation Letter

While drafting a resignation letter, maintaining professional language throughout the letter is a must. Here are the steps you should follow while writing a response:

1. Starting with salutation

Salutation acts as a formal greeting and sets out the tone for the rest of the letter. Always begin with addressing the employee that has submitted the resignation letter, such as ‘Dear (Employee Name). When you start with a polite salutation, it will establish a positive tone for the response. Also, it will depict professionalism and acknowledge the individual’s resignation decision.

2. Show understanding

Always acknowledge the employee’s decision to resign and show understanding. It is important to show empathy and understanding towards the decision to resign. In your response, convey that you are understanding their reason for resigning and consider the challenges or concerns that are mentioned in their letter. For example, add such phrases like ‘I understand your desire to pursue new opportunities’.

3. Express gratitude

Appreciate employees’ contributions to the organization and express gratitude. Highlight the employee’s qualities and achievements that have positively impacted the organization. For example, you can mention, “I would like to thank you for your commitment to the company over the previous [period]. Your dedication and diligence have been invaluable.”

4. Discuss next steps

Hereby, the letter should notify the employees that you are accepting their resignation. It’s important to mention the employee’s last day of employment with the company. Also, outline the process that needs to be followed after giving a resignation. Mention the procedures as per the exit policies and handover. If there are any instructions and deadlines to be given, then clearly mention them.

5. Give good wishes and sign off

At the end of the letter, mention a positive note by wishing the employee, best of luck for their future endeavors. Add phrases like “wishing you all the best in your future endeavors” or May your journey be filled with success. In the closing statement, add best regards or warm regards followed by the name and job title.

6. Proofread

After drafting the whole response, make sure that you proofread and review the whole letter. Ensure that the tone remains professional throughout the letter. Never send the reply without proofreading it. This will make sure that your response is error-free and as per the standards.

Resignation Acceptance Letter Sample

Here are examples of responses to employees’ resignation letters, that will help you to structure your response well.


Evergreen Technologies
123 Green Street
Cityville, Stateland

1st June 2024

Re: Acceptance of Resignation

Dear, Mansi Shah

Please refer to your mail dated 04.02.2009, tendering resignation from the post of HR Executive held by you.

Your resignation from the above post has been accepted with effect from 28.02.2024 (A.N.). You are required to furnish a ‘No Objection Certificate’ (enclosed herewith) before your dues are finally settled. Kindly note that the shortfall of 5 days in the notice period shall be adjusted against the Privilege Leave or any other dues payable to you.

Please complete the Exit Form (enclosed herewith), to help us analyze the reasons leading to your separation.

We wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

Darshit Trivedi,
HR Manager,
Evergreen Technologies

Sample-2 (Email)

Dear Mansi Shah,

I hope this email finds you well. We acknowledge receipt of your letter of resignation dated 24th February 2024.

The organization has accepted your 24-hour notice of terminating your contract with effect from 24th February 2024. However, according to the contract of service between yourself and the organization signed on 17th January 2024 whereby it was agreed to serve each party a one-month notice of termination of the contract or pay one month’s salary in –lieu of notice of terminating the contract, which you have observed,

Arrange to hand over assets (identity card, office keys, one computer and table, chairs, books, desk and tables, working files, both soft and hard copies) entrusted to you by the organization and any other report relating to your duties to Mr George Mayor – Department Manager.

We thank you for the contribution you have made to the development of our organization

With best regards,

Darshan Trivedi,
HR Manager,
Evergreen Technologies


It is necessary to maintain good relationships and encourage a seamless transition process by writing a thoughtful and well-structured answer to an employee’s resignation letter. By following the steps mentioned above, you can make sure that your acceptance letter recognises the employee’s accomplishments, shows appreciation, and specifies further actions for the notice period and transition of responsibilities.

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