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Streamline your payroll tasks with the adept cloud-based payroll software to introduce efficiency and excellence in your organization, and empower your employees to become self-reliant by reducing their dependence on the employers

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Best Cloud Based Payroll Software For All Sized Organization

Payroll software helps organizations to improvise and automate their salary process of their employees. The software is specially designed to give you error-free payroll calculation and deposit the payment to employees’ respective bank accounts with minimum human intervention. As the software calls minimum intervention, it helps the organization to focus on more business-specific tasks.

Not only error-free, but this software helps you adhere to the statutory compliance that benefits both employee and the employer and which is crucially important for any organization. While ensuring full compliance, the software helps you provide payroll-related benefits to the employee, thus empowering them to grow.

factoHR is an interactive payroll software allowing organizations to manage and regulate the timely salary of their workforce along with staying compliant with the government regulations. The simplified and interactive environment of the system that helps in salary processing as per the newest laws can be managed even by personnel having little or no knowledge of wage compliance.

We offer you with all modules to cover your entire payroll cycle.

  • Staff Management
  • Onboarding
  • Payroll Management
  • Attendance & Leave
  • Travel & Expense Management
  • Performance Management
  • Mobile Application

List of companies that use our payroll solution

Our payroll software solution is being used across India by various reputed companies extensively.


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Mahendra Tawde
Senior GM (Head-HR) at BSE
“Mahendra Tawde who is the Senior GM(Head HR) at BSE appreciated the knowledge of FactoHR team and our domain expertise. Also, he said BSE is extremely satisfied with our professional services and the flexibility to meet their specific payroll needs. He wished us the best in this area and strongly recommended factoHR to all of our future prospective clients.”


Modules We Provide

Our software contains all the necessary modules that you require to manage efficiently.










Attendance Management

Attendance Management





Mobile APP

Mobile APP


Leave Management

Leave Management


Travel Expense Management

Travel Expense Management


Why Choose Payroll Software from Us?

Our payroll software is trusted by one million users across different companies as we are the leading solution provider helping to streamline all essential processing tasks.



Efficient Engagement

When you onboard the employees in a right way, they will engage and ensure their best performance which will be possible through self-onboarding module of factoHR.

User friendly

Easy to learn, easy to use onboarding module allows your employees to have the stellar first day as no paperwork is included.

Simplified Induction

A clear procedure for self-induction of the new employee to make aware regarding the company policies through an automated process

Document Management

An efficient way to manage documents efficiently & secure accessibility of the employee documents to avoid data theft and maintain privacy

Asset allocation

Easy management of all the company assets which are allocated to an employee. This software allows the businesses to keep track of the asset allocated to, returned, or lost by the employees


Workforce Management 

Automated HR

Automate your HR department by simplified yet configurable Payroll and HR with Our Software.

Save Cost

Manage your resources by cutting down HR department’s cost and reducing the workforce.

Detailed MIS

You can manage organizational hierarchies, personalized dashboards, forms, and n number of HRIS reports all through one platform.

Focus On Core

Implementing our automated software will allow you to focus on core tasks rather than on manual or unproductive tasks, thereby increasing the organization’s output


Allowing options of configuring each and every policy to align with your company’s working

Payroll Process

Make Payroll Simple

We provide everything for a need to manage and empower the company to grow within a few clicks and makes payroll process pleasant.


Our software is fully integrated with onboarding, leave, attendance, travel expenses, performance, etc.


factoHR’s allows unlimited pay heads and parameters to calculate salary, loan, bonus, overtime, variable or fix pay based on performance and all statutory compliance.


You can configure the world’s most complex payroll to a simplified one by implementing factoHR. The management can focus on more essential tasks when they do not have to worry about the payroll process

Handling Compliance

Automated payroll solution to calculate all the statutory compliance like TA, DA, and other taxes. The employer need not worry about having to remember all the provisions from the statutory platform.

Attendance Management

Real time tracking

Our software allows you to track real-time attendance data of your employees’ attendance captured through biometric, mobile or Geo-punch.


You can manage multiple shifts, week offs, over time calculations by defining attendance policy as per your company’s norms.

Multi-Device Integration

Our attendance management solution provides integration of any attendance device with the payroll module to eliminate payroll errors.

Avoid Time Theft

Trace any kind of time theft which is affecting your company’s work culture and take steps accordingly. Ensure accurate and honest attendance registration by blocking any malicious activities


Allowing you to track all your workers’ multiple shifts with our software for an efficient time record. The managers can access the timesheet of all the employees under him

Performance Management 

Goal Management

Manage and measure employee goals, objectives, and working efficiency through our configurable performance management solution


We facilitate you to create Performance measurement based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Responsibilities Areas (KRA) for multiple filters like location, branches, departments, categories, individual employees, etc.

Review Intervals

You can set various review cycle where you can review their performance on daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually basis.

Mobile App

Reliable & Easy

Every user wants an easy interface on which he can rely for HR related applications and access information.

Mobility & Availability

Mobile devices always features integrity, as well as the availability of data anytime anywhere, helps in moving your organization ahead.

Instant Action

Apply for leave, attendance, travel expenses, reimbursement claims, etc., and get approvals online. The program sends notifications and reminders, so you don’t miss the same.

Logical Evolution

The evolution from the traditional approach saves time and gives us a platform to communicate & provide solutions for the betterment of the organization.

Self Service

Access payslips, leave balance, attendance regularization, the status of application and income tax statement – anytime, anywhere.

Leave Management

Configure Policy

Our leave management solution allows you to configure the company’s leave policy, for any firm worldwide, to manage and track employee’s leave.

Workflow Management

You can define multi-level approval workflow effortlessly to have correct data of leave transactions.

Track Application

Leave calendar provides you with quick, one-click access to received and approved leave applications of all the employees in the organization

Intelligent processing

This program allows auto calculations of leave balance and leaves encashment so that the organization can focus its attention on expansion and growth

Streamline Leave

Mobile application and efficient approval work-flow will allow fast execution & efficient leave management, thereby saving the time of the manager.

Travel Expense Management

Policy Implementation

Our travel expense module allows you to set multiple expense policy based on hierarchical structure, location, branches, etc.

Hierarchical Approval

You can manage multi-level approval workflow process efficiently with our custom payroll software.

Tracking & Reporting

Travel-friendly solution makes work for Accountants, HR and employees less tedious as management of travel expenses is made easier through geo-tracking and smart receipts.

Fast Reimbursement

The on-the-go application provided by this program for reimbursement allows the process of settlement to be fast and transparent

Going Paperless

The digital receipts approach through OCR allows avoiding hectic paper management & provides a better solution. Get your organization to be more eco-friendly

Frequently Asked Questions on Payroll Software

How does payroll software work?

Dedicated to alleviating the load of the paying employees and missing deadlines in finding various components and employee data, Payroll solution helps streamline the payout of the company. The system calculates the earning and deduction components based on the prerequisites setup like attendance, timesheet, travel, and taxes of an employee. The system itself keeps track of the employees’ worked hours, withholding taxes, calculating payment, generating the payslips, and contributing to the government employment taxes.

Without the mess of organizing these data into the excel sheet and calculating it manually, an integrated salary system will combine the data on its own and process the salary through the system with a click whenever the pay date is. Moreover, it keeps a record of the wages calculated and transferred for future audit purposes.

What features does payroll software offer?

There are hundreds of solutions giving a variety of features. An ideal system to purchase that goes well for all the business types should have the following features:

  • Customization according to the company
  • Scalability when the company expands
  • Connected banking for direct salary transfer through the system
  • Increased security to the data
  • Tax deduction compliant with the statutory laws
  • Inbuild generation of the reports and payslips
  • Automatics record-keeping for accounting purposes

What are the advantages of using cloud based payroll software?

Compared to the conventional methods, the payroll solution reduces the mistakes often caused in the whisk of processing salary. Here are the significant benefits of using such Software.

  • Time-Saving
    While gathering the information and listing it down in the sheets can be time-consuming, the integrated feature of the solution with a timesheet and attendance will perform the same task very quickly, thus saving a lot of time for essential operations.
  • Avoid Errors
    As the system takes over the whole task of distributing salary to the employees, humans’ need in calculation gradually cuts down. The more prominent mistakes with the human intervention that cost more than the budget were reduced significantly.
  • Cost-Effective
    Though for a startup, employing such software may go over budget, choosing automated solutions over the common mistakes is beneficial, looking for a longer run.
  • Secured environment
    Managing the employees’ salary with software in the house reduces the chances of sharing their sensitive information with outsourcers. Moreover, some of the systems also offer IT security.
  • Compliance Management
    HR can now be relieved from the constant stress of managing the wages and tax compliances related as the payroll system itself checks on the statutory norms as updated into the system.
  • Cloud-Based Support
    It is not simple to access the system from a remote location as the cloud-based solution enables businesses to manage and accomplish repetitive salary calculation tasks.
  • Mobile Integration Support
    As the popularity of smartphones is rising; the companies also appreciate mobile app integration support to make their tasks easier. The mobile integration can be accessed directly from any remote location and is compatible with various operating system environments like Android and iOS.

Businesses on what scale can use an online payroll solution?

Whatever the business’s scale is, whether small, medium, or large, using Payroll software can actually reduce the workload of the HR. Though for startups, the purchase may go over budget. But for the longer run, leveraging system benefits can save more time for all the business scales.

How much does the payroll software cost?

The software vendors configure the pricing based on the number of employees along with a final base price considering all the features. The average cost of the solution’s base price is around 2999 ₹ per month, with an additional fee of 20 ₹ per employee per month.

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