Paperless Employee Document Management Software for your organization

factoHR’s employee document management software allows you to store all the important documents in a secured cloud storage with authorized access.

factoHR’s employee document management for handling all your document types

Organizing and storing your employee documents is now a breeze. The cloud-based storage now helps you keep all your essential documents, letters, and HR policies at one location.

Reduced Paperless Storage

All your sensitive data can now be stored online, eliminating the need to collect document papers and storing them physically.

Enhanced Security

Rather than storing physically, online document management offers extra security with customized access rights to the organization.

Easy Retrieval

Save your time rather than using it for searching essential data here and there, as factoHR gives you a more organized environment.

Centralized Document Storage

factoHR’s employee document management software offers you a centralized server to find all your uploaded documents, letters, reports, etc. This server brings together data from all your business locations to provide you the ease of excess.

Secured Role and Rights

Employee document management offers you powerful and flexible roles and rights management so that you can assign access rights at the organization’s leaf level. With this feature, you can also appoint HR to control information management for every business location, reducing the workload on a single person.

ESS for Document Access

You can allow your employees to access various documents and reports with the ESS portal. With accessible rights, your employees can also upload, correct, or delete their documents without asking your HR or managers for the same.

Organize your document easily with factoHR today

Create and Share HR Policies

HR can easily update or create new policies directly in factoHR’s software and assign it to the employees. It is also possible for HR to share the policies with the workforce directly from the portal.

Add Digital Signature

While dealing with important documents, factoHR’s employee document management software gives you an option to add a digital signature to the various documents such as letters (appointment, confirmation letter, etc.), payslips, and form 16 for IT returns. It is easy to upload a digital signature and use it for further tasks.

Collect Onboarding Documents

Allow new recruits to upload their document and enter their details through the self-service portal at the time of their onboarding reflecting a transparent culture. Admins can also create an approval workflow and appoint managers to approve the uploaded data.

Digitize your document management with factoHR today

No need to search in the huge piles of documents, mail inboxes, or folders as factoHR’s employee document management stores every important document, polices, and letters for your business.

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