What is the Grievance Redressal Policy?

Not every employee is teh same in the organization. While some employees will be highly satisfied, some may have grievances and disputes. Grievance Redressal manages employee dissatisfaction or complaints (e.g. favoritism, workplace harassment, or wage cuts). By establishing formal grievance handling procedures, you provide a safe environment for your employees to raise their concerns. The Grievance Redressal policy holds the process by which the employees can report such complications in order to receive a proper solution. Following the procedure and arriving at an appropriate solution helps maintain a healthy working environment. In the era where employees are considered an asset of the organization, having a Grievance Redressal policy helps decrease the turnover ratio of the employees. As an employer, it is best to manage grievances in a well-meaning and supportive way to avert unneeded escalation and negative feelings. The grievance handling policy allows you to determine and address unacceptable or unlawful practices rapidly. Get a pre-formulated and easy to configure grievance policy in our Grievance Policy Template.

In This Policy, You Will Get:

  • How employees can beneficially voice their complaints.
  • The nature of complaints that are included in the definition of grievance.
  • The process through which the employee can file a grievance.
  • The rights and responsibilities of the employee who is filing the grievance.
  • The rights of the employee against whom such grievance is filed.
  • The role of the company in solving such grievances.
Find everything about the procedure and the employees and the company’s responsibilities concerning grievance management in our grievance redressal policy template examples.

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