What is a Concealed Weapons Policy?

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India has one of the sternest laws about the possession of weapons. India has the third-largest number of death by guns after Brazil and the USA. With the increasing rate of fatalities by firearms, it becomes necessary to have a policy that forbids the use of weapons in the workplace. The workplace is supposed to be a safe and secure place for people to provide their professional services. Possession of arms by some employees may disrupt the safety of other employees. The Concealed Weapons Policy helps the organization to have a strict policy about the prohibition of concealed arms in the workplace. This Template Sample is not at all compromising or lenient. Leniency in these matters can risk the lives of other people.

Making a Concealed Weapons rules makes the rules and provisions clear to the employees. The employees need to be informed that they will NOT be allowed to get away for breaching the terms of this policy. The company holds the right to fire the employee if the latter breach the provisions of this policy.

In this policy, you will get:

  • The purpose and scope of the policy.
  • The definition of Concealed arms and weapons for this policy.
  • The provisions for the ban of carrying such weapons.
  • The actions taken by the company against the employee breaching the terms of this policy.
  • The exceptions to the provisions.

Sample Policy

According to the ‘Name of the Law’ and policies set in ‘Year’, this policy describes how possession and carrying of concealed weapons within the ‘Name of the Company’s premises is banned.


This policy describes the prohibition of carrying a concealed weapon on the company premises.


This policy applies to ‘Rank of the Employee’.


For this policy, the following definitions are taken into consideration. A concealed weapon is a dangerous weapon so carried on the person to be knowingly or wilfully hidden from sight, usually in violation of the statute. Weapons incorporate, but are not limited to, guns, swords with blades over four inches in length, knives, explosives, and any chemicals whose purpose is to harm others.


Employees CANNOT possess or use any weapons at any time, on any of the ‘Name of the Company’ owned, leased, or controlled property.

This includes any place where the company’s business is conducted, like customer locations, trade shows, client locations, company event venues, restaurants, and so forth.

The ban stays even for the places where the employee represents the company.

Concealed weapons are prohibited on any company property regardless of whether they own a concealed weapons permit or are legally allowed to carry a weapon.


In case the employee is found carrying a concealed weapon on any of the work premises mentioned above, he/she will have to face disciplinary actions depending upon the seriousness of the circumstance. The company reserves the right to fire the employee for breaching the terms of this policy.


Upon the company president’s permission, the security personnel can carry weapons for the purpose of the safety and security of the company employees.


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