What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) intends to add to societal goals. It plans to do so by support volunteering or ethically oriented practices. While the companies run their business based on various stakeholders’ anticipation, they also realize the value of contributing to making the world a better place. The Corporate Social Responsibility Policy aims to improve a sustainable society, and this dedication is deep-rooted in its core values. They aim to show these through their actions governed by this policy.

With our Policy Template, we help you create awareness among your employees regarding the company’s steps to return the good deeds to society. The company’s existence is a part of the bigger system formed with the harmony of the people, values, and nature. It is both a responsibility and a deed of conscience that encourages the companies to take some extra steps to engage in donating or volunteering activities and partner with the non-profit organizations to complete ventures. Download the template now.

In this policy, you will get:

  • The meaning of corporate social responsibility.
  • The purpose and scope of this policy.
  • The activities undertaken by the company under corporate social responsibility.
  • The reason for undertaking corporate social responsibilities.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Template Sample

“Name of the Company” helps its workforce and management to become socially accountable to itself, business partners, environment, stakeholders, and the community. This policy allows the company to realize the impact they create on society.


This policy describes the commitment of the company and the employees towards society and nature.


This policy extends to the “Name of the Company’s”, stakeholders, partners, and suppliers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The corporate social responsibility of every company will always follow two categories. Compliance refers to the company’s adherence to numerous community regulations and ideals, whereas proactiveness refers to the company’s approach to providing advantages and protection to society and nature.

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Our company ensures CSR by:

  • Maintaining cleanliness and emitting fewer or no pollutants.
  • Keeping our employees safe.
  • Supporting advanced arts, education, and communities by donating.
  • Promoting reusing, reducing, and recycling motto.
  • Ensuring fair labor practices.
  • Partnering with nonprofit organizations to complete ventures.
  • Respecting the law and honoring politics.
  • Maintaining the legality of the business activities.
  • Engaging in safe and fair trading.
  • Encouraging diversity and inclusion.

Download Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Template

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