What is the Employee Wellness Program?

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Some hardworking people place their job over health. As a company, we should understand this and offer the employees a series of advantages and activities that promote health. This program is known as an employee wellness program. Employee wellness programs are intended to improve employees’ health and fitness often through preventative care. Wellness goals can include preventing acute diseases to decrease their health and economic load, rising employee motivation, and improving employees’ life quality. The Employee Wellness Program Policy is an initiative on the company’s part to educate their employees and create awareness among them about the company’s resources and programs to increase the employees’ immune system and stamina.

This policy shows the employee what types of programs are undertaken by the company for their health benefits. It explains to them the need and importance of utilizing such programs. This policy elaborates on the provisions regarding the subscriptions and usage of such health resources and programs.

In this policy, you will get:

  • The purpose and scope of the policy.
  • The definition of Wellness Programs.
  • The wellness programs undertaken by the company.
  • The provisions for wellness incentives.
  • The wellness programs for employees with disabilities.
  • The responsibilities of the team leader.

Employee Wellness Program Policy Template Sample

“Name of the Company” wants to keep its employees physically and mentally safe using wellness facilities and resources. With this policy, our workforce is made aware of the benefits they can leverage.


This policy describes initiatives taken by the company to reinforce a healthy and happier workplace where constant efforts are made to improve employee health.


This policy extends to all our employees irrespective of their work roles and responsibilities.


The company’s fitness scheme teaches employees about resources such as information, equipment, and activities for health support. Here the word ‘health’ means physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of an employee.

Employee Wellness Program

The company aim at assisting the employee in their goals to become healthier people.

Through these schemes, employees are helped in losing weight, dealing with stress, improving immunity, strengthening physical health, etc. The company shall also offer training to avoid hazards and use instruments accurately.

Apart from this, the following resources are also provided.

  • Yoga/fitness club
  • Health information class
  • Stress handling seminars
  • Slumber room
  • Nutritious drinks and snacks, etc.

As soon as an employee becomes a part of the company, he or she gets access to the slumber room or snacks. But in the case of membership of gym/fitness class, they shall request to the HR or Wellness committee.

Wellness Incentives

Incentives such as monetary rewards, reduction in membership, time-off, and other benefits shall be offered to employees to inspire involved in activities and clubs.

The employee shall also be appreciated after completing their subscribed programs.

Employees with Disabilities

Even for disabled employees, the company shall provide equal opportunities for health maintenance activities. In addition, special consultations will be taken from experts by HR for such employees.

Similar guidelines will also be applicable to individuals who cannot get advantages due to pregnancy, age issues, etc.

Responsibilities of the Team Leader

In addition to the Human Resource, the respective department leaders shall also take initiatives for such activities.

They will be responsible for helping employees know about the company’s wellness approaches, encouraging them, how they can use such facilities, and who can be asked for more help.


Download Employee Wellness Program Policy Template

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