What is IT and Communication Policy?

Information and communications technology (ICT) is a denotative term for information technology (IT). It stresses the role of integrated communications and the integration of telecommunications (telephone lines and wireless signals) and computers, and necessary enterprise software, middleware, storage, and audiovisual systems, that enable users to access, store, transmit, and manipulate information. The term IT and Communication is also used to refer to the convergence of telephone networks with computer networks via a single cabling system. There are ample economic incentives to merge the telephone network with the computer network system using one unified cabling system, signal distribution, and management. IT and Communication is an umbrella term that includes any communication device, encompassing radio, television, cell phones, computer and network hardware, satellite systems, and so on, as well as the various services and appliances with them, such as video conferencing and distance learning. An organization’s IT and Communication policies set anticipation and manage communications within and outside the organization. They help in meaningful and necessary communication for employee productivity and team spirit without limiting communication. Having an acceptable communication policy in place trims down conflicts and misunderstandings. Similarly, organizations also need to clearly state the role and degree of usage of electronic facilities and instruments, to prevent liabilities and embarrassment. This is covered under the IT and Communication policy.

In This Policy, You Will Get:

  • The purpose and scope of the IT and Communication Policy.
  • Guiding principles for Communication.
  • Guidelines for Internal and External Communication.
  • Disclosure of Confidential Information.
  • Provisions regarding Information Security and Monitoring Policy.
  • Electronic and wireless device Policy.
  • Cellphone Policy.
  • Internet Usage Policy.
Make a firm and self-explanatory IT And Communications policy with the help of our sample template.

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