What is a Leave Policy?

People are the extremely precious asset of an organization. Deficiency of proper leave management can lead to the unauthorized absence of employees from duty, lower productivity, fall in productivity hours, missing important targets, etc. These types of hindrances can be overcome with a proper Leave Policy Manual for employees in the workplace. For example, if any employee is on leave with no prior message, his/her work suffers as nobody is equipped for the unannounced absence. But on same terms, if an employee applies for leave beforehand in that case, the stakeholders are cognisant of it, and the entire team can manage the work in employee absence and no productivity is lost. Leave Policy Template, when enforced in the company, furnishes a common understanding between the employer and employee upon how leave can be taken while in service. An annual leave policy makes it clear what staff are and aren’t entitled to do. It also outlines how the holidays will be granted and any business periods where the holiday will be refused.

In This Policy, You Will Get:

  • The rules and provisions regarding leaves
  • The number of leaves allowed
  • The encashment of the remaining leaves
  • The procedure for the payment of the same
Make a practical and easy-to-understand leave policy for your employees with the help of our leave policy template.

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