What is Probation Policy?

Appointing a recruit as a permanent employee from day one of joining the organization may not be fruitful. In some instances, even after acing the interviews, the employee – organization relationship may not work out. This can happen due to several reasons: one of them being the lack of compatibility between the organization and the recruit. To avoid such a short-lived employment relationship, the organization implements a Probation Policy, which is essentially a trial period between the recruit’s date of joining the organization until he is given a permanent employee status. This allows both employer and the organization to know each other better and decide whether this is the right partnership. Apart from this, the employee can use this time to discover if he is comfortable with the organization’s working environment and job responsibilities. If the organization feels that the employee is suitable for the organization and its working environment, the employee is appointed as a permanent employee. In the opposite circumstances, the employment is terminated.

This policy gives a clear indication of all the provisions regarding this trial period. It explains clearly what an employee should or should not do. The policy emphasizes that the employer’s decision is based purely on the recruit’s performance and behavior and ability to adapt to the working environment. With our Probation Policy, make sure the recruits have a clear idea about this trial period’s rules and process.

In This Policy, You Will Get:

  • The organization’s intent to implement this policy.
  • The purpose of this policy.
  • The eligibility of the employees to be covered under this policy.
  • The definition in the context of this policy.
  • Provisions regarding the termination of employment during the probationary period.
Ensure that you have a self-explanatory and rigorous policy with the help of our probationary period policy template.

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