Employee Engagement Ideas – You Don’t Need A Hefty Budget For It

employee engagement ideas

The productivity of your organization depends on many factors, one of them being employee engagement. Employee engagement is the degree to which the employees feel jealous towards the organization and are willing to contribute more towards the same.

Employee engagement is more than just the activities, events, or games; it crusades performance. Employees that are engaged perceive the company with a deeper understanding and adjust themselves to the organization’s purpose. The businesses whose employees are engaged are likely to outperform their competition in case of output and decision-making abilities.

Employee Engagement Ideas

Besides such benefits, with adequate efforts on the part of the employer, the company can have higher earnings per share and reap higher profits. However, there is this misconception that employee engagement ideas can sometimes reap a hole in the company’s profits. Well, we present to you a few employee engagement ideas that cost much less than what you might have anticipated (and sometimes, it costs nothing at all!)

Ideas That Cost Nothing

“Free” – the word that always attracts the human mind. No matter how unnecessary the free commodity is, if it’s free, it’s worth it. There are simple, little steps that you can take in order to increase employee engagement, and they cost ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Although the organizations may have certain predetermined funds to give, it does not harm to take the benefit of the ‘free’ stuff and save up on the funds. Here are some free-of-cost ideas that help you in employee engagement. (They require nothing but a little effort on the part of the employer/ immediate superior)


Why recognize and reward your employees? One might ask. Well, it is human psychology that the more one is appreciated, the more effort they will put in. This is the reason why experts suggest that recognizing and acknowledging in front of the entire team not only encourages that particular person but also has a positive effect on the entire team. It takes no effort to make them realize that all their efforts are noticed and taken into account. Besides praising them in person, the employers can reward the workers with outstanding performance.

Draw In Their Opinions
Asking the workers to pitch in their opinions and suggestions in any business strategy is a good way to have them engaged in the operations of the organization. An employee at any rank will feel special when their thoughts about certain decisions are given an ear. They feel more involved in the organization. Having an open door policy for the employees can prove to be a great aid for the organization.

Uplift Them To Achieve Their Personal Goals
The business establishments that do not encourage the workers’ career growth might not have long-term relationships with their personnel. However, when they encourage the workers to accomplish their personal career goals alongside the organizational goals, they feel grateful towards the business, thereby getting more involved in the operations of the company.

Give Flexible Work Hours A Try
Many organizations usually target that the employees have a life outside the workplace. They may have responsibilities and duties that may not be postponed. In such cases, they may find it helpful to have flexible work timing. When the establishments understand this and allow them to choose the starting and ending time for the job as they wish, they are more likely to accomplish the tasks with more enthusiasm and vigor. The business can formulate and implement flexible hours or working guidance for them to have a clear idea about their opinions.


Allow Ample Leaves
Like mentioned before, the organization is not everything that workers have. They have to take care of their family, their health (both physical and psychological) and fulfill their responsibilities as a parent, a child, a sibling, and a spouse. For this, they may need to take leaves from work. The employer must offer enough leaves (vacation, sick, or paid) to the staff and mention the same in their guide. The latter should be informed about what types of employee leaves the organization provides and how often they can avail themselves.

Know Them On A Personal Level
Let me paint you a picture: imagine a place where everyone is identified by their employee code. ‘Number 1288, complete this task ASAP.’ ‘Number 10002, your leave is granted.’ ‘You, number 1298, stop talking.’ It not only seems boring but also has no feeling of belongingness whatsoever. Although this example is a little exaggerated, the organizations where the higher authorities do not know much about their employees except their names are no better than this. For the workplace to be a little more comfortable and worth the workers’ extra effort from them, the higher management can put in a little effort to know them on a personal level. It is advisable that they spend some time with the workers during the day and ask about their life.

Allow Personalization

If you have employees who work in cubicles or on desks, allow them to personalize their workplace. With the freedom to customize their workstation, the employees may be surrounded by the stuff that calms and motivates them. Besides, the fact that the establishment cares for the employees’ feelings and comfort is something that adds up to the workers’ sense of gratefulness.

Ideas That Are Economical And Exuberant

There are circumstances where you spend a lot on certain activities, and they prove to be fruitless. No doubt, satisfying payee with reasonable payouts is always desirable, but that’s not it. On the other hand, at times, you spend the bare minimum on something, and the results are far better than the expensive options.

Present A Wellness Program
When the workers undergo so much stress and pressure due to their work, their mental and physical health may be affected by it. In order to avoid such stress and ensure their wellbeing, the businesses can make and execute employee wellness programs to ensure the workers’ health and fitness by increasing their stamina. When the employees see the efforts that the organization is making for their health, they feel grateful, thereby getting more involved in the operations of the firm. For example, the organization can hire a yoga instructor to assist the workers in meditating.


Food Is The Solution To Everything
Schedule a team lunch/ dinner by taking the workers out for lunch and treating them to a nice meal. This allows them to get professionally close with their colleagues as well as the superior. The differences are reduced when everyone sits on the same table and shares the meal while chit-chatting the whole time. Once the staff feels a connection with the superiors and subordinates, they feel that they belong, thereby contributing more towards the organization.

Invest In The Right Tools
If you wear spectacles, you might know how difficult it becomes to see without them. Correct tools are like spectacles to the employees’ engagement – they cannot perform well without them. For this reason, organizations must invest in the right tools.

Organize Award Ceremonies
Rewarding and recognizing the workers can be encouraging, but not for so long. The organization can hold an award ceremony to acknowledge every employee who has performed outstandingly. However, the need for an effective peformance analysis is essential to ensure that there are no biased feelings. The employee can be given titles like ‘the most productive employee of the year’ ‘the most regular employee of the year’ ‘the best employee of the year’ etc. when the employees know that they will receive trophies at the end of the year and hence contribute more towards the organization.

No Celebration Is Not An Option
Celebrate the achievements of each employee. When a worker completes the target ahead of time or finalizes a huge deal, go ahead and celebrate it. Sponsor some cold drinks and snacks to celebrate their achievements. Have a small formal party to appreciate their hard work. This not only freshens up the workers but also encourages everyone to accomplish outstanding results in order to earn a party. Let them bask in the light of their success for a few hours.


Employee Engagement Statistics

  • A flourishing company culture brings 4X greater revenue.
  • Among the top 20% of companies scoring in workforce engagement, 59% of them have reduced employee turnover.
  • The reasons for employee disengagement include less challenging work (35%), working more hours (34%), no reason for hard work (32%), dissatisfaction in the company (30%), or feeling bored (23%).
  • On average, non-engaged worker costs around $3,400 to $10,000 to the company annually, with a 60% higher chance of error generation.
  • 48% of the average disengaged employees experience more chances of mental stress. Due to this, employees experience burnout and are 2.5 times likely to change their jobs.
  • Moreover, when their hard work is appreciated, around 55% of employees feel more engaged towards the organization.

Summing It Up

Sometimes, motivating employees can be much easier and economical than you think. All it takes is a little effort from the side of the employer to encourage the employees to work for the business with a little more enthusiasm towards the establishment.

Besides, the increased output of the employees, the organization can receive manifold benefits viz., increased employee satisfaction, enhanced workplace happiness, a strong feeling of belongingness among the employer and employee, etc.

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