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Change Management

What is Change Management?

Change management is a systematic approach to the transition of organizations from the present state to the desired state, also referred to as scope management. In order to advance in managing the changes, companies need to think critically about the introduction, implementation, and consequences of handling the major changes in the organization. When Scope management is necessary, it has to be done in a way that does not confuse the employees.

For example, the implementation of new technology in workplaces. In addition, it has three stages:


At this level, the employee has to implement and accept the changes on an individual level.


At this level, the teams are enabled and the project is assessed closely in a way that the changes are implemented effectively.


At this level, the organizational changes are made, implemented, and assessed.


Frequently Asked Questions about Change Management

What is a change management approach?

Change management is an organized approach to reaching workplace goals or implementing a process. It is used to implement various strategies that help in effecting, controlling, and adapting.

What are the key elements of change management?

Change management is a crucial approach to developing any organization. To implement scope management, below mentioned are the essential aspects to keep in mind;

  • Understanding the need for change
  • Communication is the key
  • Planned development
  • Implementation of changed plans
  • Monitor the plans

What is the purpose of change management?

Change management is used to implement the changes, monitor the changes, and adapt the changes that help in the growth of the company. It is used to manage the lifecycle of the changes you need to implement in the organization. It helps the employees and the employers to improve the ability to understand and accept the new changes.

What are the demerits of change management?

Change management has many advantages to it but in some cases, change might result in loss of previous investment, time, and resources. It also might affect the employees' confidence and the company culture.

Why is implementation of change management difficult?

Change management means accepting the change, adapting and developing skills and changes. But not everyone is open for a change and they might not be willing to onboard for the change. Sometimes it might be chaotic to implement the new changes or the resources for the change might be lacking.

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