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Cross-functional Team

What is a Cross-functional Team?

A cross-functional team is a group that is made up of members from different departments of an organization, such as marketing, sales, human resource, and customer success. Since it includes representatives from various departments who gather to discuss concerns and solve the problems. It contribute highly to improve communication within an organization.

Let's understand it better with an example:

  • A product-based company decides to integrate the sales and the marketing team.
  • The head of both the teams and its members have weekly meetings.
  • The marketing and sales teams discuss the lead generation and its closing and ways to improve it.
  • The company experienced a positive impact on both sales and marketing with the cross-functioning.


How to build a cross-functional team?

Every team has a specialized skill that compliments their hard work. Therefore, to create a cross-functional team:

  • you need to prepare a specified list of the skills and the knowledge you require to complete the task.
  • Then, after acknowledging the necessary skills, identify the employees who have the defined set of skills.
  • The critical factor to building a cross functional team is understanding your goals and having a clear path to implement them.
  • After identifying the skills required, you should implement your team so that they work towards a common goal.


Frequently Asked Questions about Cross-Functional Team

Why are cross functional teams essential?

Cross functional teams are formed to improve the teamwork of the employees and to develop their understanding skills. It is essential to implement cross functional teams as the employees and the employers can get better insights on their development.

What are the characteristics of a cross-functional team?

The cross-functional team should consist of the following characteristics;

  • Effective communication
  • Understanding within the team
  • Clear goals
  • Defined requirements
  • Employees who are the best fit for the required functionality

Why should you develop cross-functional teams?

Cross-functional teams help in developing good communication between the groups. In a company with larger teams, it might be challenging to manage larger teams and enable communication within the teams. So, to set a clear path of goals and expectations interdepartmental collaboration should be developed.

What are the benefits of a cross-functional team?

The cross-functional teams have the following benefits;

  • You can get an insight of your team
  • Better communication
  • Creativity levels increase
  • Management skills can be developed
  • Teamwork
  • Development of various skills

What are the demerits of a cross-functional team?

Cross-functional teams have the following demerits;

  • Misalignment of workflow
  • Lack of communication
  • Unclear path of expectations
  • Chances of mistrust

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