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Key Result Areas

What Are Key Result Areas?

Key result areas(KRA) are the strategic internal and external areas that a company identifies to be its strength. They are capable of driving positive outcomes and highly contribute to achieving the business’s development goals in fulfilling its vision.

The following are some components that should be included in the KRAs of a company;

  • Sort the goals of an organization
  • Identify the key areas to focus
  • Create goal-specific KRAs
  • Aligned with the overall goals

Examples of KRA’s in HR

The KRA’s in HR is vital as it improves the workplace and ensures that the employees' tasks are aligned with the employees. The structure of KRA is a strategic component that is measurable and helps achieve long-term goals. Some of the examples of Key result areas in the HR department are;

  • Optimized vacancy alerts
  • Objective screening of the employees
  • Cost-effective recruitment
  • Effective employee retention
  • Lower turnover rates

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of KRAs?

KRAs benefit organizations in numerous ways. For example, the internal communication of your employees improves, and the workplace culture improves along with it. In addition, the employees' productivity improves, and the tasks and goals become aligned.

How do KRA’s and KPIs differ?

Key result areas are defined as the tasks to be completed to maintain the productivity of the employees and the organization.

The key performance indicator is a measurement of the targets and the profitability.

What kind of companies use KRAs?

There are various areas in which the companies use key result areas. Typically, companies with a larger number of employees, companies with higher production, or companies with a larger number of customers may need key result areas to analyze the employees' productivity.

How do KRA’s affect the employees on an individual level?

Measuring the progress based on KRAs lets the employees track their progress and also makes the adjustments needed along the way.

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