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Attendance Regularization - Definition, Meaning And Process

Attendance regularization is a process of correcting employee attendance entries and records to ensure that they are accurate and comply with company policies. Usually, it involves analyzing attendance data, identifying differences or errors and then taking corrective actions. The goal behind this is to make attendance records reliable that can be used for various purposes such as processing payroll, evaluating performances and compliance reporting.

However, regularizing the attendance entries of a large number of employees can be a daunting task for HR because employees' attendance can be recorded inaccurately when employees are either on a business trip or they forget to mark their punch or have any technical issue.

Implementing an attendance management system can reduce the amount of time HRs spend correcting attendance entries, as employees have the option to correct their own attendance entries and regularize them through the employee self-service portal or mobile app.

Using the ESS option employees can accurately track their attendance, request corrections if there are any inconsistencies and HR or manager can approve them, this way they lower the burden on managers and HR staff and avoid issues like underpayment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons for the regularization of attendance?

The need to regularize employee attendance may arise due to several reasons. Mostly, the need for regularizing attendance comes when employees forget to punch in or out. Another reason can be when there are some technical issues in the system, or an employee is travelling outside for work-related matters.

What are the benefits of attendance regularization requests?

The following are some common benefits:

  • It is an important feature that introduces flexibility in the workplace
  • The chances of a wrong payout will reduce
  • It reduces the administrative workload of HRs
  • Improved job satisfaction and morale among employees

Who approves the attendance regularization made by employees?

The approval of attendance regularization depends on the organization and its policies. Generally, the requests are approved by the respective managers and HRs.

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