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What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is the process of analyzing the job requirements, attracting, screening, identifying, and hiring suitable candidates for job openings in an organization. It is considered to be a bridge for employers searching for candidates and candidates looking for job opportunities.

Recruitment Process

The process of recruiting a candidate starts with planning and ends with onboarding them. HR managers of the organization carry on the process and nowadays to well-organize it and reduce the manual efforts recruitment
is being used. This process involves six steps they are;


Planning of recruitment includes the intake of the job vacancies in your organization. Then, the job alerts and postings are created along with an accurate job description of the vacancy.


This step includes the selection of the candidates suitable for the vacancy from the existing talent pool and keeping the manager informed about the candidates and sources.


It includes screening the resumes, verifying whether the candidate is suitable for the job, and providing a realistic job preview to them.


This includes the reviews from the interview manager about the candidate and scheduling the interview with the candidate.


Hiring is a process of performing background and reference checks. It also includes the managers making a data-driven decision about hiring the candidates.


Onboarding is a process of introducing the new hires to the organization, also known as organizational socialization.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do recruitment and selection differ?

Recruitment is the process of searching for the applicants suitable for the vacancy and encouraging them to apply for the job. On the other hand, the selection is the hiring of the candidates from the shortlisted candidates and providing them a job in the organization.

What are the challenges faced while recruitment?

The following are the common challenges the recruiters face while recruitment:

  • Attracting the candidates who are entirely suitable for the role
  • Finding the candidates that are talented and qualified
  • Hiring in a short span of time
  • Building an employer brand that is strong enough to attract the talent
  • Ensuring a good experience

What are the common recruitment techniques?

The following are the common recruitment techniques;

  • Internal Recruitment
  • Media Advertising
  • Print media advertising
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Social media
  • Talent search
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