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FactoHR's recruitment software

Bulk Document Upload

Recruiters can upload all the resume documents stored in their system to the centralized recruitment software simultaneously, which helps them save considerable time.

data upload in recruitment software
resume parsing in recruitment management software

Resume Parsing

Enables automatic data parsing (extraction) from the candidate resumes directly from the job portals like Monster, Naukri, Gmail, etc., without any manual efforts.

Intelligent Duplicate Detection

factoHR offers sophisticated duplicate detection working in two levels to check if duplicate resumes exist with the same candidate name and allows you to take necessary actions like deleting it.

duplicate detection in recruitment management system
internal job boards in recruitment system software

Internal Job Boards

Using internal job boards, recruiters can publish vacancies where existing employees can apply for inter-departmental transfers.

Applicant Tracking Module

factoHR applicant tracking module includes every aspect of the hiring process and builds a centralized database of candidates’ resumes to reduce repetitive tasks.

applicant tracking module in recruitment system

Make your recruitment process more powerful with factoHR’s Recruitment System now.

recruitment software interview modules

Interviews Module

factoHR allows panel members to view candidates’ lists and resume in the system and provide feedback and recommendations without even logging into the system.

Integration With Social Platforms

The recruiters can post the jobs on social platforms, and job boards from the system can automatically extract candidate resumes to make the process faster.

integrate social media in recruitment software
Vacancies Module in recruitment system

Vacancies Module

The admins can create vacancies through the system, which then goes for approval to the superior. On the final approval, vacancies can be posted on various platforms.

Separate Portal For Every Use

The system offers you both a candidate and vendor portal to fulfill all the tasks efficiently from both ends.

separate portal for use in recruitment software

Recruitment Management System Made To Achieve Maximum Efficiency

A recruitment management system that ensures your hiring is aligned to the organizational aims and enhances the overall productivity of the recruitment team.

Elevates Employer Branding

With the modular recruitment solution, create an employer brand that attracts skilled candidates from the industry and enhances your hiring tasks.

Accounts For Incoming Profiles

As soon as any new user/candidate joins the process, admins can easily create their accounts which enables them to access various operations through their portals.

Increased ROI

Get high returns on investment as organizations can experience a considerable increase in the quality of hiring and a decrease in the time and cost of hiring.

Collaborative Environment

The module offers an environment where candidates and members of the recruitment team can run all the basic activities of the process, thus providing an interactive experience.

Real-time Analytics

Get real-time analytics on joined, rejected, and selected candidates, requirements, and positions created and approved for the year based on the data stored in the system.

What Is Recruitment Software?

Recruiting software is an automated solution for organizations to find the best-suited candidates in an effective way. For all the methods, including direct, referral hiring, or hiring through job boards, the recruiters can leverage this technology to boost their hiring. The talent acquisition tool integrated with the onboarding solution helps organizations in filling a requisition form, posting vacancies over social media and job boards, searching candidates, scheduling a screening, selecting and onboarding the candidate.

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