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Queen Bee Syndrome

What is Queen Bee Syndrome?

Queen Bee Syndrome is a scenario in an organization where women in higher authority tend to ill-treat their women subordinates. The reason behind such behavior is the negative stereotype and discrimination they encountered during their academic or professional work.

Example of queen bee syndrome at the workplace:

  • In an MNC company, the head of the marketing department is a woman
  • The marketing department also has other two female subordinates working
  • Both the female employees were ill-treated by their women head
  • As the manager, she never supported or encouraged the female co-workers and always complained about their work


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of a Queen bee personality?

Some common characteristics of their personalities are:

  • inordinately high self-esteem, which leads to arrogance
  • Being selfish and manipulative
  • Also, they are confident enough to behave in a particular manner

How to avoid Queen bee syndrome?

There are several ways by which the syndrome can be avoided in the organization. Such as:

  • Being known to the signs and symptoms of the syndrome
  • Be aware of the employee's strengths and weaknesses
  • Always be supportive to colleagues professionally and personally
  • Introducing policies against workplace bullying and harassment
  • Taking action against the ill-treatment made towards employees


How to react to a Queen bee syndrome?

When you are found to be a victim or ill-treated, you should report it to the HR manager or a colleague who is in a higher position. It is essential to speak up and inform about the issue so that the management can become aware of it and take action against them.

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