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Employee Satisfaction

What is Employee Satisfaction?

Employee satisfaction is one of the broad terms commonly used in organizations to represent whether the employee is happy and satisfied with the job and company. It is an essential metric that describes the organization’s health since the greater the satisfaction level, the lesser the employee turnover ratio will be. When the employees are satisfied and feel they belong to the company, it is evident that their productivity will increase.

For example,

  • An employee's performance was getting declined each month.
  • Managers evaluated the performance.
  • They realized that the employee was not satisfied with his current salary and felt partiality which affected his work.
  • Managers found a lack of satisfaction in the organization.


What Are Employee Satisfaction Surveys?

Employee satisfaction surveys are a significant way to examine and observe the level of satisfaction and fulfillment of employees with the job. Employers use this method to understand and know whether their employees are satisfied. As satisfaction has a direct impact on work and productivity.

Organizations now often conduct employee mood surveys to make data-driven decisions. The information obtained from the survey helps the organization recognize the actual level of satisfaction of working employees. Also, they gain insights to take actions and steps where required.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Employee Satisfaction Essential For Organizations?

In various ways, the satisfaction of employees benefits the organization, and therefore the reason it becomes essential are:

  • Analyses of the satisfaction level to improve productivity.
  • Train and support the employees that are in need.
  • To retain the top talents of the employee.
  • Feedback, recognition, and well-being of employees.

What Are The Ways To Measure Employee Satisfaction?

Measurement of employee satisfaction can be done in the following ways:

  • Organizing and conducting employee satisfaction and mood surveys.
  • By taking and giving regular feedback to employees.
  • Applying the employee satisfaction index (ESI)
  • Calculating the employee net promoter score(eNPS)

How To Improve Employee Satisfaction?

Organizations constantly make efforts to keep the employee satisfied so that the company's overall performance does not go down.

ways to improve the satisfaction of employees are:

  • Taking up Regular follow-ups and feedback.
  • Appreciating and recognizing employee work.
  • Emphasizing employee engagement.
  • Measures to improve and maintain the company culture.

Are Employee Satisfaction And Employee Engagement The Same?

Employee engagement and satisfaction are mainly used interchangeably, but they actually differ. Employee engagement is enthusiasm employees experience towards their job and willingness to show up at work every day. In contrast, employee satisfaction is whether the employee is happy and satisfied with the job and company. Satisfied employees might not be highly engaged, but the employees that are well engaged at work are commonly satisfied with their job and company.

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