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Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

What is Employee Net Promoter Score?

Employee Net Promoter Score is the measurement system undertaken to identify the satisfaction level of employees and how willing they are to promote the organization as a great place to work. Initially, this system was used to identify the client’s satisfaction. However, its effectiveness has encouraged the companies to use the same measurement system for the employees as well.

How to Calculate the eNPS Score?

To calculate the NPS score, the employees will be asked to rate how likely they are to recommend the company on a scale of 1-10. And based on these ratings, the employees are classified as “promoters” (whose rating lies between 9-10), “neutrals” (whose rating lies between 7-8), and “detractors” (whose rating lies between 0-6). Below mentioned is the formula to calculate employee net promoter score;

eNPS = No. of promoters - No. of detractors/ Total number of respondents * 100


Employee Net Promoter Score Calculator

Just put in values of the total promoters and detractors and get your eNPS

No. of Promoters

No. of Detractors

Total No. of Respondents


Net Promoter Score (%)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is employee NPS a good criterion?

Net promoter score is not only a measure of the loyalty of the employees but also makes the comparison with the competitors easy. Additionally, employers come to know what their employees feel and can take steps to improve their satisfaction level.

How do NPS and eNPS differ?

The difference between NPS and eNPS is the survey audience. In Net Promoter Score the audience are the customers and for the Employee Net Promoter Score the audience are the employees.

What is the ideal score for eNPS?

The ideal score for eNPS is 30 wherein 50 is considered as excellent. The score might vary from country to country. However, the average score for eNPS is 14.

How frequently should eNPS be measured?

The NPS survey should be conducted every month. In addition, the suggestions given by the audience should be highlighted and given more importance in order to impact your business growth.

What are the ways to improve eNPS?

These are the few ways to improve eNPS score:

  • Put up anonymous surveys for the audience
  • Promote positivity around responses
  • Acknowledge the inputs given by the audience

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