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Lateral Recruitment

What is Lateral Recruitment?

Lateral recruitment refers to filling the higher-level vacant position with employees who have experience in a similar department but in different roles. It is a proven strategy for both retaining the best talent of the company as well as attracting and hiring the best talent from outside.

What are the challenges in Lateral Hiring?

While hiring a candidate there are many problems regarding the various aspects such as

  • Cultural alignment issues
  • Over expectations from the employer
  • Stability issues due to an unfamiliar place
  • Lack of motivation

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is lateral hiring important?

Hiring the talent that increases your company’s efficiency. This provides the addition of talent to your firm and increases the efficiency as you hire experience into your firm.

How to attract lateral recruitment to your firm?

Lateral Recruitment is a process of filling higher-level positions. It is always essential to keep in mind your needs and what your organization stands for. Here are some points that might help attract lateral hires to your firm;

  • Be specific about your organizational needs
  • Define your talent needs
  • Be thorough about the candidates you are choosing
  • Be discreet about your strategies
  • Negotiate with the hires

Is lateral move considered as a promotion?

Lateral hire is a career change, it is not considered as a promotion. Although, It gives a chance to gain new experience and polish your skills.

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