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Workforce Management

What is Workforce Management?

Workforce Management is defined as the complete set of processes used to improve an organization’s overall productivity and efficiency of all the employees by predicting, building, and managing work requirements regularly.

These processes include:

  • Scheduling
  • Time, attendance & leave tracking
  • Payroll & benefits administration
  • Budget management
  • Forecasting
  • Information collection
  • Compliance management
  • Performance measurement
  • Training & development
  • Data analytics

For example, every organization has developed an attendance or leave policy and tracks their employees’ time, attendance, and vacation planning. Similarly, all these above-mentioned HR processes are performed by the organization to optimize productivity and resources.

Nowadays, workforce management has transformed into automated and integrated solutions to simplify and streamline all the tedious and time-consuming processes. This has allowed businesses to improve the accuracy, performance, and efficiency of their workforce.


What is workforce management software?

Workforce Management Software is an automated tool that helps organizations manage workforce operations and delegate tasks effectively, especially to those with complex and rotational schedules, multiple payroll structures, and significant employee strength. With the help of analytical capabilities, it delivers insights that enable organizations to enhance employee productivity.

A workforce management platform covers various human resource functions such as time & attendance, shift scheduling, benefits administration, payroll processing, learning & development, and performance management.

Why is workforce management software essential?

A workforce management solution improves employee efficiency, saves time, and increases accuracy by automating and simplifying time-consuming and tedious tasks. Unfortunately, these tasks are complex for most human resource professionals and managers to perform manually. Thus, for a growing organization, it is essential to grow with technology and invest in cloud-based solutions to focus on the highly important strategic functions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of workforce management?

There are many advantages of workforce management for developing organizations. It helps:

  • Create a good impact on the profits and the productivity within the organization.
  • Lower the unnecessary labor costs and maximize the resources of the company.
  • Keep up with the statutory compliances and legal procedures.
  • Increase employee satisfaction.

How can HR improve workforce management?

When managing a workforce, it is essential for human resource professionals to constantly focus on insights and implement strategies to improve the overall productivity of the employees. Following are steps that HR can approach to make workforce management better.

Develop org charts

Building a proper organizational chart helps in understanding teamwork, career development, goal management, and tasks. In addition, this step can act as a base for better WFM.

Procure a performance management system

To measure employees' performance and efficiency, it is advisable to invest in a performance management platform. Using this, employees share, receive feedback, and get suggestions for improvement and recognition. At the same time, managers can track performance and get insights to enhance efficiency.

Emphasize engagement and satisfaction

By measuring the turnover, tardiness rate, etc., HR can get insights into how to improve engagement, satisfaction, and productivity.


Can a workforce management system enhance the organizational culture?

Yes, investing in a workforce management platform can positively impact the culture and overall productivity of the business. Such a solution comes with self-service capabilities that enable employees to access information and tasks without asking managers or HR. It also improves employee relations, communication, and culture. Additionally, some platforms also provide a mobile app, using which employees can accomplish tasks on the go.

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