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Manage your workforce’s data centrally, so there is a single source of truth and go paperless with factoHR’s cloud-based employee data management solution.
manage workforce data with hr platform

Employee Data Management Made Easy

factoHR provides you a solution that is secure, allows you to go paperless while being more productive, and makes your business future-ready to give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.


factoHR offers effective permission control at every level to prevent information leakage or unauthorized access.


With a mobile-driven and cloud-based solution, employees can access the required information anywhere and anytime that allows the organization to go paperless while maintaining productivity and control.


Automate your everyday employee data management task with factoHR’s online HR solution that frees up time for HR to focus on core business activities.

What Is An HR Platform?

HR Platform is designed to ensure a more focused environment with automated and integrated modules like recruiting, onboarding, time and attendance, payroll, etc., to help with everyday processes for better decision-making. Regardless of the organization's size, this solution automates and integrates all the operational and strategic tasks of an HR, enabling less human resource intervention.


Identify bottlenecks and improve efficiency in HR workflows with powerful and visually appealing module-wise dashboards. factoHR also provides a custom report builder to get more insight into your data for better decision-making. With pre-built dashboards, top management can get a holistic view of global HR data.
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Dashboard of hrms platform
Verify employee database through hr platform

Centralized Employee Database

A centralized database for employees to transfer all information onto the cloud-based platform, which HR can verify and approve using the authorized access controls.
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Transform into a paperless organization with factoHR

Letter And Document Management

Configure all the letters and documents right from the employee joining to their resigning through our automated solution, allowing you to go paperless.
Letter and document management in hr platform
Hierarchical workflow based approval

Workflow-based Approval

Create a hierarchical approval workflow with more than one authority for various ongoing processes like document, leave, and expense approval in your organization.

Organization Chart

With factoHR, offer your employees a distinctive reporting structure specifying the hierarchy of their department to lead them to contact the right authority.
Reporting structure chart
Multiple CTC Structure

Multiple CTC Structure

Design and handle any type of CTC structure as per the industry specification and add unlimited salary components for the calculation.

FNF & Offboarding

Smoothen employee exit with offboarding and clearance where employees can apply resignation online. Once approved system will notify their managers to perform clearance. Once cleared, you can perform F&F from the same screen.
FNF & Offboarding
Multiple CTC Structure


Understand your workforce and build a transparent culture with flexible and easy-to-create surveys. factoHR offers multiple options to configure surveys with a list of questions. It also provides intelligent analytics and reports for valuable data insights.


After sharing notice, circulars, policy updates, and other documents, it is essential to take acknowledgement from employees to ensure that they are aware of it. factoHR’s acknowledgment helps HR to collect employees’ confirmation on important documentation and record it.
FNF & Offboarding

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