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FactoHR is the best solution for automating the HRIS which you can easily manage by allocating only a few resources to operate it.Human resource information system helps you in various HR tasks like recruit the best talent, compliance, and payroll of employees, configure various policies etc…

What we serve human resource information system

In addition to managing all the HR activities efficiently, factoHR provides you with following advance functionalities to enhance productivity and performance of your workforce with a human resource information system.

Employee Self Service

Your workforce will now be able to serve themselves through the ESS portal by generating salary slips, attendance corrections, leave applications and other HR related tasks.

Configurable Policy

FactoHR brings you configurable policy for your payroll, attendance, leave and other HR modules by which our HRIS system will best suit your organization’s hierarchical workflow.

Interactive Automated Support

Automate support for your employee’s HR related queries with our FactoBot. will instantly serve your workforce’s queries related to payroll, attendance or any other HR task.

Wide Device Support

You can enjoy factoHR’s services on mobile & web applications which enhances the accessibility of our system. Our mobile application is featured on Android & iOS platform by which your every employee can make use of it.


Get reports for payroll, attendance, leave, performance & many more which can be configured for having you defined fields and variables for a productive analysis.

save cost
Time & Cost Saver

FactoHR saves the time of your HR personnel which can be utilized for a more critical task like hiring and payroll management. Our HRIS is simplified and can be easily handled by less number of HR’s which will reduce your cost of hiring more HR personnel.

HRIS for all type of Organizations

Enhance and boost up your speed of HR tasks with factoHR’s Human Resource Information System which is compatible with all type of Indian organizations.


Centralized HR Data

24X7 availability

24X7 Availability

FactoHR’s centralized data management provides accessibility around the clock and anywhere. It is secure as the company can specify the access level to restrict unauthorized access.

update data
Updated Data

With centralized data management, we make sure that all the data request made are served with the updated information for all employees.

configure accessibility

Configure Accessibility

Companies can assign access rights to documents so only the authorized personnel are allowed to access the documents.



The data and documents are stored digitally and in an encrypted format in the system by which the risk of theft or loss is reduced and thus making it more secure.


Easy Management

Centrally view and update all employees policy from one place according to their designation or department.

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Payroll Management


Configurable Payroll

Easily configure your employee’s payroll policy according to the company’s standards, salary structure & requirements.


Tax Calculation

Integrated income tax calculation for every employee’s payroll cycle according to their region of office location.



Statutory Compliance

With factoHR’s payroll system auto calculate employees statutory compliance like PF, ESIC, Professional Tax, Income tax etc…


Auto Mailing

Featuring auto emailing facility to enable notification to managers and employees regarding payroll cycle and deductions.


Employee Self Service Portal

Employees can easily generate their salary slips from employee self-service portal and can view detailed salary variables including all the deductions.




Chatbot Integration

Integrating AI chatbot to resolve employees query regarding payroll, attendance, leave etc… Factobot allows saving your HR time by resolving all the issues faced by employees.

salary slips
Salary Slips

Employees can generate salary slips through employee self-service portal to view their detailed salary variables including all the deductions.


Application Tracking

An employee can easily track the status of their applications like leave, attendance, onboarding applications to know that it is being approved or rejected.


Expense Claim

The smart receipt is a feature through which an employee can scan the receipt or bills and can auto-fill the necessary details in the reimbursement application.


Online Punch

Attendance can be taken online with punching through a mobile device or web application and thus marking the productive hours.

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Attendance Management


Online Attendance

FactoHR featuring online attendance to easily mark the presence of employees who are traveling for counting their working hours. Your workforce is allowed to punch through a mobile application or web application.


Attendance Regularization

Employees can make an application to correct their attendance or any timing which is misinterpreted by the system through attendance regularization.

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Attendance Application

Send an application for correcting your attendance along with an attached document to back up your reason and authenticate your correction. You can also track the current status of your application to know it is been rejected or accepted.


OT Application

Make an application for the overtime you have done through a web application or mobile device and get it approved by your manager to include in your payroll cycle.


Attendance Policy

Create and implement individual configurable payroll policy with respect to department & employees.

data analytics

Performance Management Software



Configure your performance dashboard to see only the useful piece of information on our primary screen.

variable plan

Variable Plan

Mention the variable amount linked with the payroll cycle for each employee or department which is paid according to the performance of the employees.


Pre-configured Templates

Our system has pre-configured templates of performance reporting for you to directly choose from.


Goal Alignment

View the goal deviation in real time to match your employee’s performance to align with the expected performance and achieve organizational goals.




Define Requirement & Budget

Management can define the requirements of training for all the departments and can also allocate budget for all the training sessions.



View all the currently running training sessions and track the progress of each training implemented on your employees for the betterment of them.




Get a detailed view of all the employees who are taking training for improving their performance.



Take feedbacks of training sessions from all the employees, managers and trainers to evaluate and make necessary changes to optimize the training.


Training Tracker & Calendar

Get and date wise insights for tracking all the training sessions and scheduling future training plans for various departments.



create opening

Create Openings

Make and publish requirements for your company’s hiring of talented employees with in-depth job profile, roles, and responsibilities.

view position

View & Manage Live Positions

View live positions which are open for recruitments which you are also allowed to edit and implement necessary changes in the live recruitment opening.

list of application

List of Applications

View & manage all the job applications which are received and take forward to the screening round which best suits your requirements.


Interview Scheduler

With interview scheduler, you can inform those who are eligible for a personal interview through emailing them a time slot as per your schedule.


Hire and Manage Consultants

Efficiently hire and manage employment consultants to get various talented employees for your organization.

first meet


data input

Minimal Data Input

HR has to just provide basic information for onboarding like employee code and credential to ESS which will allow the new joiners to fill detailed information for self onboarding. This feature saves HR’s time.



New joiners are allowed for self onboarding by filling out detailed information in the system and also uploading necessary documents which will be required by the approver.

first meet

optional data

Optional Fields

Companies can mention mandatory and optional fields in the self-onboarding application to ensure gathering of required information by the company.

work flow

Approval Work-flow

Organizations are allowed to implement a multi-level workflow for approving the self-onboarding applications made by the new joiners. This will ensure that only the authenticated data is in the system.



The system will provide notification through emails to employees who have successfully completed their self-onboarding procedure and it will also notify the approver for the new applications which are to be reviewed.


Onboarding Report

Through onboarding report, you can get insights regarding all the new employees which are onboard to your organization.

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document generate

Payslip Generation

FactoHR provides employee self-service portal in a mobile application through which employees can generate their salary slips to view detailed information of their payroll cycle.


Smart Receipt

With OCR enabled smart receipt feature, field employees are allowed to capture receipts in digital format & auto-fill information in reimbursement application.



Companies can cover their office locations with geo-fencing to allow employees from punching attendance only by staying within the geo-fenced location from their mobile devices.


Geo Tracking

Easily turn your employees Android or iOS device into a real-time location tracking device for you to monitor their live location and provide instructions for more efficiency.


Time Sheet

Track your employee’s task and time consumption for a specific task, to avoid any kind of time theft.

FactoHR’s Remarkable Features

A unique offering to make your organization perform better
AI Powered Chatbot

FactoHR’s solutions come with an AI-based supporting bot which will guide all your employees to resolve their queries regarding any HR functionalities like attendance & leave application or salary slips.

Smart Receipts

With smart receipts, you can easily scan your expense bills and receipts to review the information captured by an OCR for auto-filling the reimbursement form.

device location
Attendance with Geo-Fence

With all your geo-fenced office locations, enhance your attendance capturing by allowing your employees to mark their presence within the geo-fenced area through their mobile devices.

location data
Geo Tracking

Easily track your workforces real-time location with GPS enabled tracking through their mobile device to manage their route details and provide instruction on the go.

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