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To migrate your existing manual HR activities to factoHR

Truly said the first impression is last impression, confusing and hasty onboarding can demoralize and demotivate any new employee. factoHR’s onboarding module provides a systematic and stepwise approach for employee’s induction and onboarding process that creates a positive first impression in employee’s mind and increases employee engagement.

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In companies, HR person spends many hours on simple tasks like compilation and maintenance of employee records and generating need base reports. This type of task won’t allow them to focus on core HR activities and increase time and effort significantly. factoHR provides one point access to all employee information and reporting required, which allows the very lean team to work efficiently and achieve what only huge workforce can achieve.

Performance Management
Accommodates any kind and combination of Performance Management Software Measures such as Goals, Objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Competencies, and Values.

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