Human Resource Management System

Advance Human Resource Management System for the betterment of your workplace




FactoHR’s HRMS (human resource management system) will help you to prevent your company from bottle-necking your HR process which will lead to increased efficiency through minimal paperwork by the digital approach. A system which will make all your work to be executed and completed on time with automated reporting through emails to all the managerial authorities.

Benefits of an HR management system in an organization.

FactoHR’s HR Management System is a masterpiece of automation in the field of HRMS. Organizations can handle all their complex procedures related to managing, analyzing and upgrading their workforce’s performance in every way. With our 360 degrees HRMS, you can easily manage employees hiring process, leave and attendance, performance evaluation, payroll, and their traveling expense. Our solution’s hardware is compatibility ensure adopting your organization functions in every possible way.

Modernizing Human resource system

Our modernized Human Resource System solutions offer enhanced monitoring and analytical skills along with automated routine operations including employees payroll, expense, attendance & leave management. We offer a wide range of compatibility options which helps you configure the system according to your company’s environment and functioning.


The most advanced automation to take care of all your HR related task for smooth and on-time functioning of an organization’s payroll, leave, attendance & other HR tasks.


Auto-generated graphical representation reports of the HR data for the management to easily analyze the current situation of the company & taking steps towards improvisations.

Secure Storage

Believe in our solution for secured encrypted storage to facilitate your data to be safely guarded and have multiple accessibility levels for your in-house employees.


24X7 Availability

Our cloud-based data management is accessible anywhere and anytime. The system is very much secure as only authorized personnel are allowed to access the data.

Updated Data

The request made by any person is to be served with the updated information by the system. This is only possible with a centralized system.

Configure Accessibility

The organization has the authority to provide access rights to the employees who are eligible and required to access a particular document.


The documents and information of the company are stored in an encrypted format on the cloud which reduces the risk of theft or hacking the information.

Easy Management

The HR can easily manage the employee’s policy from a single system according to their designation or department.


Minimal Data Input

Your HR can automate the onboarding process by just providing employees with login credentials to their ESS for self onboarding.

Optional Fields

Configure all the mandatory and optional data fields in the onboarding procedure to ensure getting all the necessary information from the new joiners.

Approval Work-flow

Customized approval work-flow for authenticating the data of onboarding process from multiple approving authorities.


Get automated reminder in the form of an e-mail from system to never miss a pending onboarding procedure and get it completed on time.

Payroll Processing

Pay Policy

Implement customized payroll policy for specific employees, departments, office location to easily manage their payroll cycle.

Leave & Attendance Data

Successfully implementing payroll processing of each and every employee considering their attendance and number of leaves availed.

Data validation

Validate all the data for processing payroll to ensure that the salary generated is perfect and unbiased.

Actual Processing

One click payroll processing through which you can carry out payroll cycle for your entire workforce in no time.

Salary Slip

Generate and auto email the salary slips of your employees by which they can see the detailed information of their payroll cycle.

Attendance & Leave Management


Configure leave and attendance policy to define the approval work-flow for your employees and maintain punctuality and regularity within the organization.

Approval Workflow

Companies are allowed to configure and implement approval workflow in the system as per their organization’s hierarchy of workforce.

Leave encashment

Define a policy for leave encashment to provide benefits to your employees for their pending leaves in the ending of the financial year.

Mobile ESS

Featuring self-service portal by which your employees can send an application for leave and attendance. This mobile app portal also allows keeping track of the application.


Generate employee and department wise attendance and leave report to determine the regularity of the workforce and make necessary changes in the policy.

Timesheet Management

Track Employee Task

Easily track your employee’s task and payroll cycle with respect to their productive hours with FactoHR’s HRMS system.

Calculate Amount

Configurable payroll policy structure for all employees working hours calculation and their respective overtime duration.

Dynamic Fields

Customize the Timesheet entry as per your requirements by adding dynamic fields for tracking all the work and time-related data from employees.

Production Count

Manage the finalized product count which is done by an employee in a single shift. This allows determining an employees productivity in a single day.

Submit For Approval

Employees can file their Timesheet to get it reviewed by their managers and higher authorities after which the data can be considered for payroll processing.

Automated Reporting

System Generated Report

Companies are allowed to configure the formats of reports which they want the system to generate for them. With this report automation, you can get automated reports at fixed intervals.

Auto Mail

With auto mail feature, a report or notification can be timely scheduled to be sent to all the concerned persons like managers, HR, team-leads etc..


Our solution features dashboard facility which allows the company to get a clear idea of company performance, expenses, employee’s leaves, and attendance.


We offer organizations to configure our HRMS according to their policy, need and company hierarchy by which it is best suited for their environment.

Improve Performance

Monitor your workforce’s overall performance and analyze any scope of improvement to make them perform better. With KRA & KPI performance matrices you can monitor and improve your performance.

Employee Self Service Module

Document Management

FactoHR’s ESS has the PlugMe feature where employees can manage their company related documents and also allowed to share by providing different levels of accessibility to other employees.

Salary Slip

The workforce can generate salary-slips by themselves by which they can see detailed information regarding how their payroll is being processed.

Attendance Punching

With our solution, your employees can mark their attendance from geo-fenced location through their mobile device and can also do offline punch without internet service.

Application & Tracking

Maintain employee transparency by our ESS portal which allows sending and tracking of employee’s applications for leave, attendance & other HR activities.


FactoBot an automated virtual assistant specially designed to provide assistance to employees regarding all their HR queries.

Performance Management Solution


With our HRMS performance management, you can analyze your employee’s performance and organizational goal completion from the dashboard which is configurable according to your requirement.

Variable Plan

Manage your employee’s payroll cycle on the basis of their variable pay derived from their overall performance in completion of the task through KRA-KPI analysis.

Pre-configured Templates

With our pre-configured performance templates, you are allowed to quickly start your performance handling for tracking your company’s goals.

Goal Alignment

Manage your organizational goal achievement by live tracking the performance of your employees and taking measures to meet the expected output to achieve the company target.


Create Openings

With FactoHR’s Human resource management system recruitment easily create the requirements for hiring the required candidates.

Job Descriptions

Mentioning a good and brief job description will let the viewers know specifically what you are looking for and will help in scheduling relevant candidates only.

Job Requirement

Manage all your job requirements with our system to effective screening and shorting out the candidates which are best fitted for the position.

Assign Stages

You are allowed to create multiple interview rounds and schedule them as per your company’s convenient and interviewers availability.

HR Categories

Create multiple hiring scenarios to manage the talent acquisition count process from you multiple HR’s.

Advance Features of FactoHR

Make your organization perform more efficiently with following features


FactoHR now providing FactoBot that will assist your employees with their HR related queries. This AI based chatbot will allow your HR to focus on more important task and save time & efforts.


With geo fencing you can restict your employees to punch from a predefined office location or a virtual area. This will allow you to make punching policy from a location.

Geo Tracking

Now you can know the current location of your employees by geo tracking them with factoHR’s mobile application which can be installed on your workforce’s mobile device. This application allows you to track the live location through GPS.

AI powered Smart Receipt

With smart receipt you can allow your employees to get data from hard copy of the receipts to digital format for auto filling the reimbursement application. The images also acts as a digital proof of expense.

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