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One of the most important documents employees receives from the employer when they leave the organization is their work experience letter, also known as job experience certificate. The work experience letter validates that the outgoing employee was a part of the organization, mentioning the details regarding the tenure and their conduct during the tenure. Here, we will discuss how to write experience letter, along with the details to include in it. For your reference we have provided experience letter sample and format.

What is an Experienced Letter?

An experience letter is an official letter issued by the employer as proof of employment of an individual with the organization. A work experience letter specifies the duration for which an individual worked with the organization, what their role was, and the skills they acquired on the job, and their overall performance review.

The experience letter is generally given by the HR of the organization. Before drafting the letter, HR managers should collect the information from the employees’ respective reporting managers.

Details to Include in an Experience Letter

Here are some of the must-have components of an experience letter format:

Job Role – The letter should clearly specify the job role in which the employee worked. For example, if a person worked as a social media manager for two years, it should be mentioned in the experience letter.

Date of Joining – The date of joining is a crucial component of an experience letter format. This acts as proof that an employee has worked for a specific duration with the organization.

Skills and Experience – The letter should specify what work employees have done and the skills they acquired during the job. It should also include company-funded certification if received by the employee.

Date of Resignation – The date when an employee resigned is important as it will specify the duration of the employment.

How to write a Work Experience Letter?

It’s essential for employers to write an honest experience letter for employee. Mentioned below are some of the points to consider while drafting an experience letter format:

Stay Professional – To establish your authority as an employer, it’s important to use professional language all over the letter.

Use Business Letterhead – Always use your organization’s official letterhead to write the experience letter. Add the date, title, and organization’s name in the letter.

Cover Employee Details – Mention all the relevant details, like the employee’s name, designation, tenure, job role, skills, and employer feedback.

Experience Letter Format

Let’s take a look at a work experience certificate format

experience letter format

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an experience letter and a recommendation letter?

An experience letter is evidence of the period an employee worked with the company, whereas the recommendation letter specifically mentions all the skills the employee has that could be recommended to a future employer.

Is salary included in the experience letter?

It is not essential to include the salary amount in the experience letter, but it is advisable to include them as it provides an idea to the future employer regarding the employees’ pay scale in the organization.

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