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internship completion letter

As an employer, writing an internship completion letter is a crucial part for acknowledging and appreciating the hard work and dedication of your interns. This formal letter serves as an official recognition of their accomplishments during their internship in your organization.This blog is all about internship completion letters. We’ll explain everything about these kinds of letters, guide you through the writing process, share a sample letter, and answer common questions.

What is an Internship Completion Letter?

When an intern completes their internship with the firm successfully, the employer will recognize their efforts and accomplishments with a letter known as an internship completion letter. It highlights their skills and experience in a particular field. In addition, they convey the time period the intern has worked for the organization and their designation, which is printed on the company’s letterhead. It is essentially a formal document that holds great importance for an intern’s future endeavors.

Why is an Internship Completion Letter Important?

An internship completion letter holds significant importance for both the intern and the employer. Few of its important points are:

Formal Recognition

The letter serves as formal recognition of the intern’s successful completion of the internship. It acknowledges their achievements, validates their skills and experience, provides documentation of their internship, and offers positive references for future opportunities, boosting their confidence and motivation.

Proof of Experience

The completion letter serves as proof of the intern’s practical experience gained during the internship, it also serves as a critical step towards any interns career path. It outlines the specific tasks, responsibilities, and projects the intern was involved in, showcasing their hands-on application of knowledge and skills in a real-world setting. This documented proof of experience becomes valuable when the intern applies for future jobs or academic programs, demonstrating their capability to contribute effectively in professional settings.

Professional Networking

A well-crafted internship completion letter can contribute to the establishment and strengthening of professional networks. When employers take the time to write a comprehensive and positive completion letter, it reflects their investment in the intern’s professional growth. This letter can be utilized by the intern as a reference when building professional connections, seeking mentorship, or exploring future career opportunities. It serves as a testament to the intern’s abilities and can facilitate networking endeavors.

Resume Enhancement

Including the letter in the intern’s resume can significantly enhance their profile. By showcasing this letter, potential employers gain insight into the intern’s achievements, skills, and work ethic during the internship. This letter is like a stamp of approval from a previous employer, providing tangible evidence of practical experience, making the intern more appealing and credible to potential employers.

Details to Include in an Internship Completion Letter

When writing an internship completion letter as an employer, it is essential to include specific details that highlight the intern’s work and accomplishments. Key elements that should be included in it are:

Date of issuing the letter

The date of issuing the letter is a crucial detail that should be clearly stated at the beginning of the document. The date in the internship completion letter serves as a reference point and marks the formal recognition of the intern’s accomplished internship tenure.

Name of the intern

The intern’s full name should be prominently displayed in the internship completion letter. By addressing the intern directly, you personalize the letter and ensure that it is specifically intended for them. Including the intern’s name also demonstrates respect and acknowledges their individual contribution and achievements throughout the internship.

Internship period (date of joining and leaving)

Specify the exact dates when the intern started and completed the internship. This information gives a clear understanding of the duration of the internship program and provides context for the accomplishments mentioned in the letter.

Nature of work

Describe the overall nature of the work the intern was involved in during the internship. It includes particular tasks and projects the intern was assigned to. It also highlights the main areas where the intern made an important contribution.

Internship project Name

If the intern worked on a specific project or assignment during the internship, mention the name of the project. This helps in knowing the scope of work the intern was involved in and adds credibility to their experience.

Best Wishes to the intern

Conclude the completion letter by extending best wishes to the intern for their future endeavors. This adds a positive and encouraging tone to the letter, emphasizing the employer’s support and goodwill towards the intern’s future career prospects.

How to Write An Internship Completion Letter?

Writing an internship completion letter requires careful thought and consideration. Consider following the below-mentioned steps to create an effective and meaningful letter:

1. Plan the Structure

Create a clear structure for the letter to ensure it flows smoothly and is easy to read. Start with an introduction that establishes the purpose of the letter. In the main body, highlight the intern’s accomplishments, skills developed, and contributions to the organization. Use paragraphs or bullet points to present this information in a structured manner. Finally, conclude the letter by summarizing their overall performance and expressing your appreciation.

2. Use Formal Language

Maintain a professional and formal tone throughout the letter. Use concise language to effectively convey your message. Avoid using overly casual or informal language that may undermine the formality of the letter.

3. Be Specific and Supportive

To make the letter more meaningful and impactful, provide specific examples of the intern’s accomplishments, skills developed, and contributions to the organization. For each point you mention, explain how it made a positive impact. This specificity helps the intern understand their strengths and areas of growth. Additionally, offer constructive feedback and suggestions for their future development, showing your support for their professional journey.

4. Express Appreciation

Express genuine appreciation for the intern’s hard work, dedication, and positive attitude throughout their internship. Acknowledge their commitment to learning and their valuable contributions to your organization. Highlight specific instances where they went above and beyond expectations or made a significant impact. Your appreciation will motivate the intern and make them feel valued.

5. Proofread and Edit

After writing the completion letter, take the time to carefully proofread it for any grammatical or spelling errors. Ensure that the content is clear, coherent, and flows smoothly. Editing the letter will ensure it is polished and represents your organization well.

6. Include Contact Information

End the letter by including your contact information. It allows the intern to contact you if they have any queries or require further assistance. Providing the contact information shows that you are available and still supporting them even after completion of their internship.

Internship Completion Letter Format

Internship Completion Letter Format


In conclusion, writing an internship completion letter as an employer is a significant responsibility. By reflecting on the intern’s performance, planning the structure, using formal language, being specific and supportive, expressing genuine appreciation, and including contact information, you can create a meaningful letter. It acknowledges the intern’s achievements, provides valuable documentation for their future, and demonstrates your organization’s commitment to their growth. Hence, after knowing all this important information regarding internship completion letters it is must for you to create and provide your interns with this letter and the best way to do that is using an automated HR software which is specialized in creating, providing and storing all the HR letters.


1. Is it important to provide feedback in the internship completion letter?

Yes, providing feedback in the internship completion letter is highly important as it contributes to the intern’s professional growth. Feedback offers valuable insights and recommendations, acknowledging strengths and guiding areas for improvement. It demonstrates the employer’s investment in the intern’s success, motivating them to continue striving for excellence. By offering specific examples and actionable suggestions, employers equip interns with valuable insights for their future endeavors, ensuring a meaningful learning experience beyond the internship.

2. Can I mention future opportunities in the internship completion letter?

Yes, it is appropriate to mention future opportunities in the internship completion letter. Including a reference to potential future opportunities shows the intern that their performance and contributions during the internship have been recognized and valued. It also demonstrates the employer’s willingness to consider the intern for other roles within the organization. Mentioning future opportunities can range from notifying the intern about job openings that may be available in the future to expressing the possibility of providing references or referrals for their career advancement.

3. Can an intern use the completion letter as a reference for future job applications?

Absolutely! An intern can definitely use the completion letter as a valuable reference for future job applications. The completion letter serves as a formal document that acknowledges the intern’s successful completion of the internship and highlights their accomplishments and skills acquired during their time with the organization. Apart from that it can also be used in intern’s background verification. When applying for future jobs, including the Internship completion letter in the application materials can enhance the intern’s profile and provide potential employers with valuable insights into their abilities and work ethic.

4. Should the completion letter be sent via email or handed out in person?

The method of delivering the completion letter can vary depending on the organization’s practices and the intern’s circumstances. Sending the completion letter via email is a common and convenient approach, allowing for quick and efficient delivery, especially for remote situations. The decision to email or hand in-person delivery should consider the organization’s practices, the intern’s preferences, and the nature of the relationship, aiming for a professional and respectful approach.

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