Modern Payroll Platform

With factoHR’s payroll platform taking over the business’ tedious calculations and operations, bring out the best in your business by focusing on the essential tasks.
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factohr's payroll platform

Single Click Salary Operation

Process the salary at the speed of a flash with a single click and be free from the complexities of manual calculations.
factohr's payroll platform

Statutory Compliance

Stay away from the unlawful processes as factoHR’s platform helps organizations take care of all local and national legal provisions to ensure a lawfully compliant process.
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Automate your payroll process with factoHR today

Auto Arrears Calculation

Overcome the need to calculate salary arrears manually as factoHR’s platform handles it automatically.
calculate workforce's arrears automatically
integrate employees bank accounts

Bank Integration

Integrate the employees’ bank accounts with that of the organization to ensure direct, quick, and secure payment to them.

Linked Performance Management

Besides payroll management, record and analyze the employees’ performance with the inbuilt OKRs to ensure the highest productivity.
record and analyze employee performance

Loan Management

Manage the loans and advances given to the employees and integrate the installments of the same with their periodical pay.

Multilingual Payslip

Overcome the language barrier by generating the payslip in multiple languages to ensure better understanding.
multilingual payroll slip for workforce

Reconciliation Reports

Reconcile your bank statement with your cashbook and receive automatically generated reports that assist you with the final accounts.

Accounting Integrations

Integrate factoHR’s platform with the organization’s accounting programs to enable automatic transactions and audit reporting.
accounting program integration

Why Do Our Customers Insist On Using factoHR’s Payroll Platform?

Besides simplifying the business processes, factoHR’s platform offers unmatched accuracy and guaranteed lawful compliance. With these functions checked off your list, you can focus on business growth and expansion.

Easy Configuration

Configure the payroll platform to suit the requirements of the organizational policies and the payroll process in practice.

Lawful Compliance

Ensure that your payroll process is lawfully compliant with the local and national legal provisions.

Automated Reporting

Get automated reports about the employees’ remuneration and performance to determine their productivity and make decisions regarding their promotions.

Uniquely Crafted Cloud-based Payroll Processing

factoHR offers you a cloud-based platform crafted by taking into account the hindrances faced by the organizations and removing them to ensure a seamless payroll process. The integrated HR management software along with attendance management, performance management, and other tools ensures companies a beneficial transformation from conventional methods and tedious workflows to digital processes and helps them improve their overall efficiency.

Streamline your company’s payroll with factoHR today

Transform your payroll process to an instant, more secure, and automated operation while maintaining its lawful compliance with factoHR.
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