10 Best Payroll Software in UAE

For businesses that encounter challenges with payroll management, this blog post explores the top 10 payroll software in UAE to enhance efficiency. Discover essential features to consider when choosing the right fit for your organization!

10 Best Payroll Software in UAE

Payroll management is a requirement for all businesses, and it carries a risk of errors and noncompliance. The conventional manual method tends to worsen these problems. Yet the advent of payroll software presents a remedy, especially for a region like the UAE (United Arab Emirates), where every organization needs to comply with the digital solution.

It is an electronic payment transfer system that businesses must use to pay their employees, as per Ministerial Decree 739 of 2016.

The platform enables compliance with regulations and guarantees smooth salary payments. By automating specific tasks, payroll systems free up time for organizations to focus on expansion. This article compares the best payroll software in UAE for different businesses.

10 Best Payroll Software in UAE

Selecting the right payroll software is critical for UAE businesses. It promotes compliance, efficiency, and employee satisfaction. Here are the top 10 payroll software in the UAE.

1. factoHR

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Features of Best Payroll Software in UAE

A step-by-step approach provided by the platform through the payroll wizard makes processing payments easier. Offers cloud capabilities for your payroll processing with a certified data center that is ISO-accredited and SOC Type 2
Ease of generating custom reports for your payroll management through a dedicated builder feature. Accessibility is enhanced through mobile applications, allowing employees to download critical documents like payslips from anywhere and anytime.
Processing payments not in a regular payroll cycle becomes efficient with this platform. Linking employee performance with compensation and KPI measurement is more accessible.
  • It helps automate key payroll processing activities, allowing HR and finance teams to work towards better strategies.
  • Allows businesses to reduce the time and effort needed to calculate complex payments through enhanced customizations and seamless processing.
  • Ensures compliance with UAE statutory guidelines, whether taxation, WPS, or other vital components.
  • With remote capabilities, tracking employee attendance, performance evaluations, and access to critical documents has become more accessible.

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Attendance and Payroll for Multiple Entities

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2. Bayzat

Bayzat excels in the UAE market by automating payroll and HR functions. Its user-friendly interface ensures compliance and simplifies management for businesses of all sizes.


  • Compliance with UAE labor laws.
  • Simplified payroll management interface.
  • Benefits management and employee insurance.
  • Comprehensive HR functions beyond payroll.

3. Delicatesoft

Delicatesoft stands to provide automation, compliance, and user accessibility, simplifying and streamlining businesses’ payroll tasks. It also offers unique capabilities such as direct deposit and a self-service employee portal.


  • Automated payroll processing ensures accuracy and efficiency.
  • Ensures tax compliance with UAE regulations.
  • Supports direct deposit for seamless employee payments.
  • Integrates time and attendance management for accurate payroll calculations.
  • Provides employee self-service portal for easy access to payroll information.
  • Mobile accessibility allows management on the go.
  • It has advanced reporting and analytics for insightful financial management.

4. GulfHR

GulfHR is designed for versatility and depth. Its features support complex payroll configurations and comprehensive HR management, catering to diverse business needs. The ease of configuring the entire payroll cycle offered by this platform is beneficial for many businesses.


  • Complete payroll configuration, including multiple payroll runs and back-dated calculations.
  • Complete GOSI setup, calculations, and comprehensive tax handling capabilities.
  • Advanced leave management with multiple leave balance calculations and detailed leave tracking.
  • Dynamic in-built report writer for customized reporting and efficient data management.
  • Extensive customization options through online configuration tools for tailored HR processes.
  • Streamlined HR approval process management to enhance operational efficiency.

5. BlueSky

BlueSky Payroll is known for its dedication to streamlining payroll processes for medium companies in the UAE. Their all-encompassing system automates payroll computations and tax response, with abilities guaranteeing adherence to regulations.


  • Automated workflow for efficient payroll administration.
  • Flexible payment options, including live checks, direct deposit, and payroll cards.
  • Online access for employees to view paychecks, W2s, and 1099s.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities for comprehensive financial insights.
  • Assured accuracy and timeliness in filing and depositing taxes.
  • Easy payroll access and management from any location at any time.

DotHR is an HR and payroll platform created to meet companies’ requirements. It merges features with to-use interfaces, guaranteeing smooth payroll administration and HR functions.


  • Comprehensive HR and payroll management tailored for the UAE market.
  • Automated payroll calculations to ensure accuracy and compliance with local laws.
  • Seamless integration with attendance and time tracking systems for accurate payroll processing.
  • Employee self-service portal for easy access to pay slips and HR documents.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities for insightful decision-making and compliance reporting.
  • Mobile app for on-the-go management of HR and payroll tasks.

7. Paychex Flex

Paychex Flex provides payroll and HR solutions for SMEs. It offers services such as managing payroll, handling taxes, and overseeing employee benefits, making managing HR responsibilities and regulatory requirements easier.


  • Direct deposit or printed checks for employee payments.
  • Automated handling of payroll taxes for compliance and ease.
  • Self-service employee portal for access to pay stubs and tax documents.
  • Secure platform with advanced data protection measures.
  • 24/7/365 experienced support for any issues or questions.
  • Integration capabilities with popular productivity and financial tools.
  • Mobile app for on-the-go payroll management and employee data access.
  • Multiple service options tailored to different business needs.

8. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a flexible cloud-based accounting tool perfect for UAE businesses. It streamlines payroll, invoicing, and financial management, enabling companies to manage their accounting needs.


  • Automated invoice creation and payment acceptance simplify financial transactions.
  • Direct integration with Gusto for unlimited payroll runs and automatic tax filing.
  • Expenses tracking and billable time tracking enhance financial oversight.
  • Payment Evolution Payroll integration for seamless time tracking and bookkeeping.
  • Designed to support both new and growing small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Streamlines payables and receivables in one central module.
  • Offers professional invoicing with multiple transaction options.

9. Rippling

Rippling transforms payroll and HR tasks, providing speed and seamless integration. With the ability to process payroll instantly and maintain synchronization of HR data, manual data entry has become a thing of the past.


  • Processes payroll in under two minutes.
  • Automatically calculates and files taxes to federal, state, and local agencies.
  • Simplifies compliance, managing I-9s and W-2s effortlessly.
  • Integrates HR functions into a unified system.

Deel streamlines staff management by combining payroll, regulatory adherence,e, and human resources services for more than 150 nations. Its system automates tasks, guaranteeing global operations.


  • Automates payroll, benefits, and tax document collection.
  • Dedicated account management for personalized support.
  • Seamlessly manages employees and contractors worldwide.
  • Streamlines contractor payments with automated invoices and secure transactions.

Key Factors to Assess a Software

Choosing the right software is crucial for every business. It ensures effectiveness, precision, and conformance to employee compensation management. Here are the most important considerations when evaluating a payroll system.

Simplicity in Usage and User Interface

The user interface must be ‘user-friendly,’ allowing easy navigation and operation. For example, a straightforward interface will enable you to access payment functions quickly, helping you save time and use the system better.

It reduces the time required to learn how to use it; hence, everyone can find it friendly. Different customization options should meet any business’s requirements, ensuring flexibility. A user-friendly interface significantly reduces errors, streamlining payroll processes.

Integration Capabilities With Other Systems

Integration capabilities with other systems are vital for streamlined operations. The best payroll system effortlessly connects with existing accounting, HR, and time-tracking systems. Ensure the systems can work together smoothly to transfer data without mistakes.

This will allow you to quickly see how well your business and employees are doing financially. Choose a platform that is compatible with tools and software. This flexibility allows for customized solutions that grow with your business needs.

Scalability and Customization Options

Scalability and customization options are essential for growing businesses. A scalable payroll system seamlessly adapts to increasing employee numbers and expanding operations. It should offer customization to meet unique business requirements, ensuring flexibility. Tailored payroll processes improve efficiency and compliance with local regulations. Scalability and customization ensure that the payroll platform uae can support a business at every stage of its growth.

Customer Support and Training Resources

Customer support and training resources are critical for smooth payroll operations. Adequate support ensures prompt resolution of issues, reducing downtime. The best software offers multiple support channels, including phone, email, and live chat.

Training resources are critical for increasing software utilization and efficiency. Thoroughly examining these aspects will guide you toward the optimal software choice.


Choosing payroll software in the UAE is critical for a business. The correct option differs depending on your business needs and size. Payrolling in the UAE can be challenging because all the software is designed for different needs.

It is also essential to think about how well you know what you want from your software in terms of user interface (UI) design language and other features or ability to grow with your company over time, as well as specific industry requirements such as construction or healthcare just to name a few.

For instance, when looking for the best payroll software in UAE like factoHR, create a checklist of your needs, compare different solutions available in the market, and select which suits your requirements best to complete processes more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is the Best Payroll Software in UAE?

Payroll software is offered by multiple companies in the United Arab Emirates. The best payroll software providers in UAE include factoHR, Bayzat, Gulf HR, Rippling, and Paychex Flex.

What Would Be the Main Points to Consider When Searching for a Payroll Software in UAE?

Opt for options with easy-to-use tax calculations and compliance features, excellent user interfaces, and payroll processing capabilities. They help with accuracy and easier operation and keep everything compliant with regulations.

Does the Payroll System Allow It to Be Incorporated With Other Human Resources and Accounting Systems?

Yes, one of the best options for payroll system is it runs seamlessly with the existing HR and accounting systems. This goes a long way in bringing order to the processes in place and data handling/ management.

When Businesses Evaluate Payroll Solutions, What Scalability Properties Should They Consider?

The selection of software should include considering software that can grow and change with your company’s growing employee numbers and evolving business needs. Scalability and customization are two essential principles for long-run use.

How the Payroll Software in UAE Helps Employees With Self-Service and Access to Salaries?

The payroll Software in UAE usually has an employee self-service portal where workers can view their pay slips, tax records, and personal details. This helps eliminate the hassle that HR departments undergo in undertaking this.

Does Payroll Software in UAE Provide Support to Their Clients and Offer Training?

Payroll software in the UAE provides excellent customer support through multiple communication methods, and their training resources are comprehensive. It helps smooth software implementation and makes the software program more accessible when customers know how to use it.

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