What is a Biometric Attendance System? And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

biometric attendance system

Companies around the world use traditional methods to record their employees attendance, which takes too much time. These traditional methods can be easily replaced by biometric attendance systems to streamline companies’ attendance processes. ‘Go digital, go paperless’ is the new slogan for today’s world. Then, why are you still using the traditional method to record your employees’ attendance? This is the time for you to learn more about how biometric attendance tracking & management system works and their advantages so that you can know how they can benefit your business so that you can implement them in your organization without any doubt.

What is a Biometric Attendance System?

A biometric attendance system is a system that uses biometric technology such as scanning fingerprints or iris to record the employees’ attendance. It allows employees to directly punch in or out anytime by just scanning their fingerprint or iris into a biometric device. The biometric attendance system is a huge upgrade over other existing online attendance tracking systems in the market, as it removes the possibility of proxy attendance of a person who hasn’t entered the office.


Types of Biometrics used to Record Employees Attendance

While there are many kinds of biometrics used in attendance systems, here are the three mostly used biometric types:

1. Fingerprint

Fingerprint recognition is one of the oldest forms of biometric identification, which measures a finger’s unique ridges to create a unique digital signature with the use of sophisticated algorithms. Then the signature is compared to the current scans to confirm a match.

2. Facial Recognition

Facial recognition measures the geometry of the face, including the distance between the forehead to the chin and the distance between the eyes. After collecting this data, an advanced algorithm transforms it into an encrypted facial signature, which is later used to confirm the identity of any person.

3. Iris Recognition

Iris, or the colored part of the eye, which contains thick, thread-like muscles, is measured by biometric authentication tools to confirm the identity of any person. This method is very useful as it provides more accuracy than other biometric methods.


Benefits of Using Biometric Attendance Systems

1. Increased Security

A biometric attendance system provides a higher level of security than other traditional attendance tracking methods because it uses physical characteristics which are unique for each individual. For example, when an employee uses a biometric device to punch in, then their identity is quickly verified through their physical characteristics such as fingerprint or face recognition, and these characteristics can’t be used by someone else. So it prevents the chances of time theft or buddy punching. The biometric attendance system also gets rid of the use of ID badges and time cards, which are easy to steal or lose.

2. Enhanced Employee Efficiency

With the help of biometric attendance systems, employees are able to punch in and puch out more easily, these systems provide more accuracy and automated tracking of employees’ attendance, which allows HR and payroll departments to be more efficient. Moreover, with the use of these systems, employees will no longer need to depend on manual sign-in sheets or punch cards, which will allow them to focus and provide more time on their tasks.

3. Reduced Costs

A traditional attendance method involves very time-consuming manual paperwork, for which an employee is required and paid according. With the biometric attendance system, the whole attendance method is automated, and the need of employees for attendance management can be eliminated. Moreover, these systems are so accurate that it also reduces a company’s extra costs caused due to ‘buddy punching’, allowing the company to save a significant portion of their costs.

4. Easy to Implement and Integrate

The biometric time and attendance system is easy to install and integrate, and doesn’t require any involvement of IT support. This software is developed to be plug-and-play, which means that you don’t have to create a new program or redevelop your existing software, as it can be integrated with your existing HR software or any other business application. In terms of the hardware, the biometric devices used in attendance software are mostly compact and easy to install.

5. Tracking Remote Employees

Nowadays, many companies hire employees who are in geographical locations and work remotely. But, It is very difficult to track their attendance and productivity as they are not monitored like other office employees. To solve this problem, you can rely on a biometric time and attendance system to track and record the time spent by remote employees on different tasks. Its biometric ability prevents any chance of fake punch-in as it uses a face recognition feature to identify each individual.

6. Improved Employee Accountability

Employees’ accountability can be improved by using biometric time and attendance systems. These systems can create reports for every employee in the system to show them when they worked, how long they worked, the breaks they took, and much more. These reports will also help the management to know if employees are absconding, taking too long on their breaks, punching in early or late, or if they are taking too many breaks in a day. This information will be useful to determine if any policy needs to be changed or updated.



Biometric attendance system offers several incredible benefits to the company and the employee. They help to ensure that employees are paid for the time they have worked, and that companies are paying for the completed work only. It provides accuracy and security through an easy-to-use system. By getting a biometric attendance system for your workplace, you can save your company’s money as well as employee time.

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