What is the Employee Wellness Program?

Some hardworking people place their job over health. As a company, we should understand this and offer the employees a series of advantages and activities that promote health. This program is known as an employee wellness program. Employee wellness programs are intended to improve employees’ health and fitness often through preventative care. Wellness goals can include preventing acute diseases to decrease their health and economic load, rising employee motivation, and improving employees’ life quality. The Employee Wellness Program Policy is an initiative on the company’s part to educate their employees and create awareness among them about the company’s resources and programs to increase the employees’ immune system and stamina.

This policy shows the employee what types of programs are undertaken by the company for their health benefits. It explains to them the need and importance of utilizing such programs. This policy elaborates on the provisions regarding the subscriptions and usage of such health resources and programs.

In This Policy, You Will Get:

  • The purpose and scope of the policy.
  • The definition of Wellness Programs.
  • The wellness programs undertaken by the company.
  • The provisions for wellness incentives.
  • The wellness programs for employees with disabilities.
  • The responsibilities of the team leader.
Make an educating and easy-to-understand wellness program policy with our employee wellness program policy template.

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