What is the Non-Disclosure Policy?

A non-Disclosure policy or confidentiality agreement is a contract that binds an employee and employer throughout the employment and even after a few months, as stated under the agreement. As the name outlines, the Non-Disclosure policy binds an employee not to share, publish, disclose or in any way reveal the confidential information of the company, its business data, financial records, personal information of employee’s and client’s with the third party anywhere globally. This third party could be your competitors. An employee who breaches the agreement in any way could be responsible for penalty about not greater than but up to the termination of his/her employment at the immediate point of knowing when a breach is done. Almost every small or big company has its own set of confidential information, which it doesn’t want to share with its competitors in any way. Thus, you must know how to secure various business-sensitive information. To get you there, our Non-Disclosure Policy Template will assist you in the formulation of such a policy.

In This Policy, You Will Get:

  • What constituents to consider during the designing of such a policy.
  • Readymade sample policy including every element to consider.
  • The purpose of the Non-Disclosure Policy.
  • The meaning of the Confidentiality Policy.
  • The sensitive information that must be kept secure from the competitors.
  • The allowed reasons for requesting to use the information.
  • The charges applied when someone breaches the law.
  • How to define the group of people to whom the policy is applicable.
  • The time interval during which the policy applies to the employees.
Design a policy with our non-disclosure policy template’s assistance and ensure your business information is in safe hands.

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