What is Relieving Policy?

Like recruitment, the resignation process also consumes a reasonable amount of time to help employees take off all the liabilities from the organization. No loopholes must be found after your employee leave the organization. It calls for enforcing the resignation process along with a proper formated relieving letter to conclude it. A relieving policy outlines the guidelines to offer a letter absolving the responsibilities of the employees in the organization. It also takes assurance from employees not to disclose any of the confidential information after termination for specific years. Under this letter, the employees are asked to settle their dues from the accounts department, if any. Moreover, it helps the organization regain its belongings from the employees, which can be certain documents, letters, equipment, mobiles, sim-cards, ID, etc.

The letter takes employees’ confirmation on all the above-stated requirements, and it is regarded as an official notification of the end of employment with the organization. Employees can ensure after the appointment of the letter that they are exempted from the duties with the current organization and can be a part of any other organization.

In this policy, you will get:

  • How to design a relieving letter that comprises every little detail to be accomplished before full and final settlement.
  • Sample relieving policy to incorporate its need into the organization.
  • What is the purpose of the relieving letter?
  • To whom the letter can be appointed.
  • To ensure business confidentiality from the employee before he leaves the organization.
  • To recover all the organization’s belongings from the employee.
  • Who will look after the management, approval, and assignment of the relieving letter.

Relieving Policy Template Sample

‘Name of the Company’ understands the importance of completing the resignation process to relieve their employees from their work with ‘Name of the Company’ when achievable. The company offers an employee a Relieving Letter that states that he/she is relieved from all the work and responsibilities.


The purpose of the Relieving Letter is to complete the process of resignation. It comprises the information concerning when an employee, to whom the letter is subjected, is relieved from the routine responsibilities.

The letter also states the employee to confirm all the issues and return the company’s assets if pending.

It is the statement for the employee that he/she has no liabilities for any work and can approach another company/start business, whatever he/she wishes.


The relieving policy is designated for every employee who is resigning with ‘Name of the Company’, regardless of their position and specification.

Administration and Approval

The Relieving letter, as a part of the organization’s resignation process, is designed based on the date and time of declaring termination and is approved and handed over by the respective managers/seniors of the employee, Human Resource member, and Board of Directors.

Sample Relieving Letter

Date: ______________
Subject: Acceptance of Resignation (OR Relieving Order)
Respected Mr./Ms. ________________,

This is in reference to your resignation request dated __________. This is a formal notification to inform you that we have accepted your request and you are relieved from your duties with ‘Name of the Company’ with effect from the close of working hours on date_________.

We sincerely request you to hand over the company’s assets that can include equipment, files, brochures, documents, ID, and other such entity that is originally an asset of the company and offered to you during your employment.

We also wish to re-highlight the following provisions:

1. You must not disclose any confidential or financial information of the company to anyone outside the company before and after employment termination.
2. You are not authorized to take with you official documents, papers, letters, other information belonging to the company by any means, outside the company, unless having a written consent for the same.

You are requested to confirm that no copies of the information stated above are with you when leaving, to your manager.

You are also requested to settle any dues with the Accounts department along with a clearance report for the same.

As proof of confirmation of the above negotiations, please sign a copy of this letter and hand it to your senior manager.

‘Name of the Company’

(Acceptance token)
‘Name of the Company’

I sincerely accept and confirm the above issues.


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