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Functional Job Analysis

What is Functional Job Analysis?

Functional Job Analysis (FJA) is a strategy used by the HR department to assess the job roles in an organization. It identifies the responsibilities and functions that are to be carried on in a job. Companies use this method to create job descriptions accurately and to evaluate the applicants based on that.

Let's take an example for a better understanding.

  • Suppose the HR manager did a functional job analysis of an 'Admin Manager.'
  • They identified the 5 to 7 duties that the admin needs to perform.
  • Also, understood the requirements of the tools needed and the qualifications to handle that.
  • Identified what efficiency level the admin should have and what are the training needs.

FJA classifies the job roles into 7 areas: data, reasoning, things, people, work instructions, language, and math. Analysis of an employees’ tasks considering these roles is a vital part of the job analysis process.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of functional job analysis?

FJA allows organizations to pay more attention to the employees who will enhance the company’s overall value. In addition to evaluating how well an employee can perform the job, this type of job analysis also describes how the employee’s performance affects his or her teammates. Apart from companies, FJA helps employees understand essential tasks to be accomplished and qualifications to be achieved.

What is a functional job description?

A functional job description is a document wherein all the requirements and responsibilities of a particular job position are mentioned. In addition, it also includes which tasks to be performed and how various requirements will be assessed.

Which are the types of job analysis methods?

Following are the different types of job analysis methods.

  • Observation Method
  • Interview Method
  • Technical Conference Method
  • Functional Job Analysis
  • Questionnaire or Survey Method
  • Job Psychographic Method
  • Job Analysis by Test
  • Record Method

How is a functional job analysis carried out?

FJA is conducted in the following steps.

  • Identify the aim of job analysis
  • Select the method for analysis
  • Gather all information required for analysis
  • Evaluate and modify the existing job descriptions
  • Understand the impact of analysis


What are the data collected during functional job analysis?

The information to be gathered in an FJA are:

  • Tasks and responsibilities
  • Workplace surrounding
  • Assets and equipment
  • Communication/Relation with internal and external people
  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

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