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Gross Misconduct

What is Gross Misconduct?

Gross misconduct is a situation wherein an employee’s negative behavior, action, or unprofessional behavior contradicts the company’s code of conduct, which may also lead to his immediate dismissal. Such misconduct may force the management to take necessary actions against the employee according to the company’s policies.

Example of gross misconduct in the workplace:

  • One of the employees working in the IT and admin department was caught stealing hardware and some cash.
  • On his apology, the management did not take any severe action.
  • After 2 months, management noticed that the employee was still stealing several things, including cash.
  • Management immediately decided to terminate him.
  • The employee was dismissed on that day and was told to discontinue his service.


Frequently Asked Questions

What impact does gross misconduct make on the organization?

Addressing the misconduct that occurred will positively impact the organization. Employees will follow the discipline and the code of conduct, which will prevent the happening of illegal or wrongful events. When actions are taken against the wrong circumstances, it will set an example that management takes action against any wrongdoing.

How are misconduct and gross misconduct different?

Gross misconduct is diminishing the employee due to his wrongdoings, whereas misconduct is also wrongdoing but does not result in employees' dismissal. It's upon the management whether they decide to dismiss the employee for misconduct or give them a chance to stay with the organization.

How does an organization come to the decision of gross misconduct?

Management often investigates the misconduct and makes an effort to have a clear picture of the happenings and take the correct decision. However, when the employees perform any action against the company's code of conduct and result in damaging them, the decision of gross misconduct is taken.

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