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Strategic HRM

What is Strategic HRM?

Strategic HRM is a strategy and process initiated which aligns the goal of human resource management with the overall organizational plan. A good Strategic HRM demands critical thinking and planning that enables the employees and organizations to meet each other's expectations. When implemented rightly, it improves every aspect of a business's HR functions, from hiring practices to training requirements and assessing discipline.

Frequently Asked Questions

By whom is strategic HRM used?

Any sort of organization can use strategic human resource management to improve overall performance and benefit the organization. Companies that are willing to refine and upgrade the process implement it so that it brings the best out of it. Also, it identifies the potential risks for which preventive steps can be taken.

What are the benefits of Strategic HRM?

Strategic HRM has the following benefits:

  • Improves the overall performance of the organization
  • The competitiveness among the employees' increases
  • Employee retention increases
  • Communication and coordination increases
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction increases

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