Minimum Wages in Delhi

Minimum Wages in Delhi

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The Delhi government has recently revised the minimum wage rates applicable in the National Capital Region. According to the order issued on 14 October 2022, the new minimum wages for Delhi will be effective from 1 April 2023. The complex structure of minimum wages in India, with each state determining minimum wages for scheduled employment, aims to provide workers with a basic means of subsistence.

The revised minimum wage rate for skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers, along with clerical and supervisory staff in different education categories have been specified in the order.

The minimum basic wage for unskilled workers is INR 17,234 per month, along with INR 260 as a Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) per month. This adds up to a minimum monthly wage of INR 17,494 for unskilled workers. The per-day minimum wage in Delhi for unskilled workers stands at INR 673.

For semi-skilled workers, the minimum basic wage is INR 18,993 per month and INR 286 VDA per month, totaling the minimum monthly wage to INR 19,279. The per day minimum wage for semi-skilled workers in the National Capital Territory of Delhi is INR 742.

Skilled workers are entitled to a minimum basic wage of INR 20,903 per month and INR 312 VDA per month, amounting to a total minimum monthly wage of INR 21,215. The per day minimum wage in Delhi for skilled workers is INR 816.

What else does the new order for minimum wages in Delhi include?

The order also specifies delhi minimum wages 2024 for clerical and supervisory staff at different education levels. For non-matriculates, it is INR 19,279 per month. For matriculates but non-graduates, it is INR 21,215 per month. The minimum monthly wage for graduates and those above is INR 23,082.

Employment Category Basic Amount Per Month VDA Per Month Total Amount Per Month Total Amount Per Day
Unskilled ₹17,234 ₹260 ₹17,494 ₹673
Skilled ₹18,993 ₹286 ₹19,279 ₹742
Semi Skilled ₹20,903 ₹312 ₹21,215 ₹816
Clerical and Supervisory Staff (Non-Matriculate) ₹18,993 ₹286 ₹19,279 ₹742
Clerical and Supervisory Staff (Matriculate but not Graduate) ₹20,903 ₹312 ₹21,215 ₹816
Clerical and Supervisory Staff (Graduate and above) ₹22,744 ₹338 ₹23,082 ₹888


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