Minimum Wages in Haryana

Minimum Wages in Haryana

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The minimum wage in Haryana, the lowest amount companies are legally required to pay, ensures employees have enough money to sustain themselves and their families.

It’s critical to comprehend minimum wages. There are specific penalties for organizations that do not comply with the act. While it does ensure every employee in the state gets paid a minimal amount for their labour, it also allows businesses to formalise salaries and maintain fair remuneration. This article will allow you to understand the breakdown of minimum wages in Haryana across different employee categories.

What does the new order for minimum wages in Haryana include?

Understanding minimum wages involves considering various components. Minimum wage rules often specify the minimum pay rates for several types of labour to ensure equitable remuneration. These prices consider things like the kind of labour and skill levels.

Zonal Division for Minimum Wages in Haryana

By ensuring that minimum wages in India match regional economic realitSies, zonal classification seeks to promote equitable worker remuneration.

The Haryana labour department usually defines and updates the specific zones and the minimum pay rates that correspond with them. While setting the lowest pay permitted by law, the state government considers various factors, including the average cost for most everyday items, paces of expansion, and the sorts of standard financial action in each zone.

Given the differences in cost of living between rural and urban locations, these zones may include both. The minimum wage may vary in urban areas due to their higher cost of living than rural locations, which may have a lower cost.

Let’s delve into some key categories related to minimum wages in Haryana:

1. Urban and Rural Disparities

Recognizing that living expenses vary greatly between urban and rural locations, the zone divide takes both into account. Because living costs are usually more significant in metropolitan regions, minimum wage rates may differ to provide equitable pay.

2. Economic Equilibrium

The zone division and the associated minimum wage rates partly preserve the state’s economic balance. This guarantees that wages are commensurate with the economic conditions in the areas in which they are employed.

3. Communication and Update

The Haryana Labor Department uses formal announcements, circulars, or recommendations to disseminate updates or modifications to the minimum wage rates and zonal divisions. Businesses, employees, and other stakeholders must be updated about these Modifications.

4. Determining Factors

When setting minimum wages, the Haryana Labor Department considers several variables, such as the cost of living, rates of inflation, and the main economic activity in each zone.

Minimum Wages in Haryana, effective from 1st January 2024

Sr No. Class of Employment Qualification and Experience Basic Per Day Basic Per Month Total Per Day Total Per Month
1 Unskilled NA ₹292.31 ₹7,600 ₹420.16 ₹10,924.24
2 Semi Skilled Class A ₹306.92 ₹7,980 ₹441.17 ₹11,470.41
3 Semi Skilled Class B ₹322.27 ₹8,379 ₹463.23 ₹12,043.91
4 Skilled Class A ₹338.38 ₹8,797.95 ₹486.39 ₹12,646.12
5 Skilled Class B ₹355.30 ₹9,237.85 ₹510.71 ₹13,278.44
6 Highly Skilled ₹373.07 ₹9,699.74 ₹536.24 ₹13,942.36
7 Clerical and General Staff Below Matriculation ₹306.92 ₹7,980 ₹441.17 ₹11,470.41
8 Matriculation but not Graduate ₹322.27 ₹8,379 ₹463.23 ₹12,043.91
9 Graduate or Above ₹338.38 ₹8,797.95 ₹486.39 ₹12,646.12
10 Steno Typist ₹322.27 ₹8,379 ₹463.23 ₹12,043.91
11 Junior Scale Stenographer ₹338.38 ₹8,797.95 ₹486.39 ₹12,646.12
12 Senior Scale Stenographer ₹355.30 ₹9,237.85 ₹510.71 ₹13,278.44
13 Personal Assistant ₹373.07 ₹9,699.74 ₹536.25 ₹13,942.38
14 Private Secretary ₹391.72 ₹1,0184.73 ₹563.06 ₹14,639.48
15 Data Entry Operator NA ₹338.38 ₹8,797.95 ₹486.39 ₹12,646.12
16 Driver Light Vehicle ₹355.30 ₹9,237.85 ₹510.71 ₹13,278.44
17 Heavy Vehicle ₹373.07 ₹9,699.74 ₹536.24 ₹13,942.36
18 Security Guard Without Weapon ₹306.92 ₹7,980 ₹441.17 ₹11,470.41
19 With Weapon ₹355.30 ₹9,237.85 ₹510.71 ₹13,278.44


In summary, establishing minimum wages in Haryana is essential in guaranteeing equitable remuneration for workers. It supports social justice in addition to addressing economic inequities. The policy aims to improve workers’ standard of life and lessen exploitation by setting a baseline salary.

Still, continual assessment and adaptation are necessary to accommodate economic ups and downs and preserve a balance advantageous to businesses and workers, promoting a more salubrious and fairer workplace throughout the state.

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